July 09, 2009

Last Artwalk Tonight for Me.

Thursday morning. One more day till I see my kids. I can't wait to hear about their week at camp. I spied Jack on campus when I was up there shooting pics on Monday, I got a wave and a bit of a smile. As I was taking pics I restrained throwing down my gear and smothering him with hugs and kisses.

My husband is FINALLY reading The Shack. I am so excited to hear his comments on it and be able to discuss it with him. He has made it through the tough part in the beginning and McKenzie has arrived back at the Shack.

I have gotten ALOT of work done this week. Right now a book is uploading so my computer is working while I am visiting my lonely blog. I haven't had anything jumping out at me to write about lately, maybe because my editing work is drowning out my writing. There is a season for everything I guess.

I am reading too many books right now. I borrowed the Mark of the Lion series and I am anticipating for the story to start once the foundation is laid out. I am still in the foundation part of the book so it hasn't grabbed me yet, but I am assured that I will love it so I am going to keep on reading.

I am reading Grace's Window: Entering the Seasons of Prayer. I am not loving this but I want to. I think as with the Mark of the Lion book, I am just not far enough into it.

Just pulled off my bookshelf yesterday, Sacred Pathways, why I do not know. It is a bummer when you want to read a bunch of books, but don't have time to finish one. Seasons, right. This is my season for computer work, my season for reading will be back soon.

I was SO excited to see Tom Perini on the Today show just an hour or so ago. He made his incredible burger and won best burger in the competition. We are so blessed to have this incredible restaurant in our little west Texas area.


Yesterday I took the day time off from working, and spent some much needed time with the Lord. Pulled out my Power of a Praying Parent, and Power of a Praying Wife books. Spent time in scripture and intentional prayer for my husband and kids. It was a day of refreshment and peace. I am grateful that God doesn't allow me to put Him in the background, his gentle nudges keep Him front and center even when I am up to my ears in work. The days I recognize that I am pushing His nudges to the background because of busyness are never as great as they could be. So many great men and women of faith have shown, the busier they are the more time they spend in prayer. I am SO far away from that mindset, but I am praying for a heart like that.


Tonight is my LAST ARTWALK in my studio. I am never up there, with the exception of Art Walk and when I meet clients here and there. The rent was quite reasonable which is why I have kept it even after moving my "office" part of my work back home a year ago. I couldn't get my editing work done when my kids were at school, and I didn't want to be at the office when my kids were home, not to mention while I am working on the computer I can be multitasking while I am uploading. The last several months I just felt like I was spending money, reasonable as though it may have been, that could go somewhere else. So this is my last night for Artwalk and last month up at the Cockerell Galleries. If I have pics framed or unframed of clients, then those are on sale to them so they don't have to be stuck in my closet. Come by tonight or contact me if you want to purchase an image of you or your family that is on my wall at my studio.