September 02, 2010

10 Minute Exhale.

After tomorrow, school will have been in session for 2 weeks around here. The kids are enjoying their new grades, Derek in the 8th, Jack and Sophie in the 6th. Derek is taking a high school level Spanish class so studying is becoming a daily thing around here. I have enjoyed my first two weeks of this semester. A quick synopsis of each class...Psychology: Richard Beck is hysterical. I love this subject, I find it very...hmmm. psychological. Love the class. English: Aren't you glad I am taking English? Now when I write on my blog I will have a better grasp of how to properly place my commas. The Life and Teachings of Jesus: Amazing. Look forward to this class each MWF. The class I am in is a mega class, 330 students, taught by Mike Cope. He is a great teacher. GREEK: Wow! My head feels like it must be about to explode. I give myself pep talks over this class. However, the satisfaction of learning such a difficult subject will be very rewarding. My 4.0 might be a 3.8 after this class, however I will be thrilled to see it through.


Little Oreo "Cookies and Cream" Marcelain went on to be with his Lord and Savior last week. ; ( it was a shock for Jack to find him "expired." But overall the kids handled it well. We have buried him in our backyard with a tupperware coffin and a brick headstone. Jack said a prayer over him and then we said our goodbyes. My friend, Julie, (note comma usage) commented that Oreo was a star on my blog and that he was. He was a star to me because he made Jack happy and brought out the best in him. I am thankful for what Oreo showed me in my son.


The big news is that Rob took Jack to Dallas for his MRI last night and Oncology visit today. All went well. The MRI showed CLEAR, we are thankful. We go back in 6 months. The guys got to stay at the Ronald McDonald House, which is cool because they haven't had openings when we went for over a year and we love to stay there. They have moved into their new location and from the pictures on the website it looks amazing. I had to suck it up and put my happy pants on and ask Rob to be the one to take Jack this time because I knew 2 days of missing Greek would have been devastating to my understanding of the topic. I told someone yesterday that one day in Greek class would be comparable to a year of learning in high school for me. At least that is how it seems. So much information. So Rob and Jack did the father/son thing and that is a blessing to all involved.


10 minute exhale...complete.


Julie Adams said...

I got a shout out!!! I'm so cool!!! SOOO GLAD JACK'S MRI IS CLEAR!!! Yaaay!!!