September 12, 2010

2010 West Texas Taylor County Fair

Rob and I took the kids to the County fair yesterday. We had a great time, it was pretty hot as we went in the heat of the day thinking it might be a good way to miss the big crowds. Our plan worked and the kids didn't have to wait in any of the lines for rides. As we left the fair at about 7:15 pm people were parking on the street and up by the freeway as the parking lot was overflowing! The kids rode some rides, we ate our dinner there, and we looked at all the submissions in the Round building. It was a great day.

This goat was being groomed to be shown. Right after I
took this picture he started bleating at me, I wish I would
have stopped, turned around and gotten that picture too.

Here is Jack and Sophie riding their first ride. Jack is trying
his hardest to not smush Sophie.

Apparently Sophie has enough time to poke out her tongue
at her brother Derek as he is watching from the side. Jack's
hair took on a life of it's own here.

Jack and Sophie about to go hang gliding ; )

This ride makes me sick just to look at it. Makes me
queasy just to think about it, here is a shot of the worker
man adjusting something on the ride.

This is one of Derek's favorite rides. It goes forwards
and backwards and blares ridiculously loud music the
entire time...I think I am getting old.

Here is Rob on the left waiting for the kids to exit.

This is the angle I see of Jack most of the time, he is generally
leading the way and moving on to the next place at all times.

The kids on another ride.

Derek yawning as he exits that ride. I guess it wasn't loud enough.

I love this pic of Jack.

Jack and Sophie sliding down the big slide.

Derek about to ride on another ride that makes me queasy just
watching it.

The Pop Bottle Game

What would West Texas be without a Vittle Barn.

In the Round Building there were all sorts of things to look at.
This year I was taken by all the lovely produce. Here is a mongo
watermelon and pumpkin right behind it. The watermelons to
the left were typical sized, so you can compare those to these

Red Onions

Garlic...perfect looking in every way. Wish we could buy
pretty garlic like this at the grocery store.

And these onions are picture perfect too.

Cotton Seed being judged.

And the cotton on the stalk.


Dried Sunflower

Patient family waiting for me to finish taking pictures of
all the produce ; )

Indian Fry Bread...YUM!!

My sweet Sophie Girl.

Sophie was the only person on this ride.

And lastly Jack had $10 of his own money and he wanted to win a
large minion stuffed animal.


Amber Joy said...

You are one brave woman to let your kids on those rides! I wouldn't have gotten so near them myself as you did! ;)