September 22, 2010

Summit 2010 Aliens and Light

Wow. I have been to a dozen Lectureships/Summit and this years Summit was by far my most favorite to date. The classes were excellent, the call to be Aliens and Light in this world was made very clear. All the speakers were wonderful, however the transformation and the dialogues that are going on during classes, or because of classes will be ongoing. Today I was blessed to attend a full day of Summit. The pinnacle of today was hearing Shane Claiborne. I took some real camera pics of him speaking and of the question and answer class after. I will make a post of Shane's pic after I get those edited, however I thought it would be fun to make a post with random Summit post I have taken this week with my phone camera, all of these pics are taken with the hipstomatic app.

Monday morning before Summit I took this cute pic of Sophie and Snickers playing before the bus came for the kids and before I headed out to ACU.

Walking up to campus, you can see the construction.

Pretty flowers.

I was meeting Denise for a bagel in the campus center at Einsteins.

Should I get this one? Nope, decided on the Tribeca Blend.

In this pic is my Greek binder, Summit Schedule, Shane Claiborne book, "Jesus for President," and my yummy coffee with real half and half in it.

Denise giving me her drinking coffee pose ; )

We are always blessed to see Karene's mom, Barbara, at each Summit. She is a Summit regular and always a blessing and uplifting friend. We were all waiting for our 9am class to start.

One of the theme speakers.

Love that there was a parking space partitioned off and there was an old pc monitor being used to hold it down so it didn't blow away. When ACU says it is technologically advanced, this proves it, who else would use a computer monitor to keep a chair put in the middle of a parking lot. ACU is a Mac campus....notice the monitor is not a Mac.

This morning when I was walking up for Summit I walked past this car in the parking lot and loved the bumper sticker.

A couple steps farther ahead was Jacob's Dream. An adult son and his dad reading the Bible taking in the peace from this area.

In the midst of all the fun...Greek Vocab at 8:45am for the afternoon vocab test.

Now at 2pm, more Greek Vocab, another test tomorrow.

After Shane Claiborne spoke in Moody there was an informal Q&A in Cullen.

Look for another post of some real pics of Shane C. in the next day or so.


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