April 11, 2012

Just life.

4 weeks until school finishes up for me. I think I will have or be close to Senior hours when I start school in the Fall. Yay for that! Time does fly when you are having fun and studying each day. Last weekend was Easter and we had a nice family weekend. The kids have participated in LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) for the past many years on Easter weekend, it didn't work out this year for them to go, so it was nice thinking about the Easter meal before 8:30pm the night before Easter day.

I have for the most part enjoyed my classes this semester. Math has been difficult, I knew it would be, but it's almost over...that's all I have to say about that. I am learning a lot in my Family Studies class and my Christianity in Culture, and the surprising delight of the semester is British Writers, covering from 400AD until the 1700's. So interesting, I have always been enthralled with the royals, but never knew much about them. I am learning about names that I have heard but never knew where they fit..such as Chaucer, Marlowe, Queen Elizabeth, and the old stuff written by monks who came to England to Christianize the Germans way back when. I have thoroughly enjoyed all the readings and writing I have done in British Writers. My Christianity in Culture class has pulled no punches, it has been full of insight and grit each class period. Dr. Jerry Taylor is the professor and I will be forever grateful for all the tough questions that he poses...I am also grateful for the hearts of many of the students who are in the midst of discovering who they are in the middle of culture and who have freely shared their thoughts with the class. Truly insightful.

The kids are all doing well with their days. The boys are enjoying a much needed break from swimming, Sophie is continuing to swim as she chose to do swimming in lieu of her physical education for school, her break wont come until Summer. Jack is working hard on a script that he will perform on Friday at ACU, in a program kind of like UIL, but for their school it is called LIT.

We are missing our little girl, Snickers. Our house is too quiet. We have found a litter of Dachshund's that were born a couple of weeks ago. We plan on visiting them next week and hopefully choosing one to bring home on May 5th, when they can leave their mama. Snickers left a legacy of joy, and although she can't be replaced, we are ready to have another little wagging tail greeting us when we walk in the front door.

Rob started a cleaning service a couple of weeks ago...M5 Cleaning Service. He is cleaning residences, small businesses, and doing professional window washing. He is loving it, being his own boss is a blessing. There is even another possible business in the works but we don't know for sure and I will post that if and when we sign on the dotted line. We are so thankful to God for providing work for Rob and I am thankful for Rob who is working hard to provide for his family. M5 Cleaning Service is on Facebook, so feel free to "like" it to keep up with all of the happenings.

There isn't a meaning to the leaf at the top of the page...I just wanted to put a picture up...this pic is from when Rob and I visited the ruins in Belize last year. The leaf was huge!