April 25, 2012

Why I Am Excited for Summer!!

One more test and several final exams and this school year is in the books for me. I might lose my 4.0 because of my math class, however, I am willing to accept that fact with the sheer excitement and gratefulness that I will NEVER have to take another math class...ever. Other than the dreaded math, my other classes are finishing up superbly. I have learned so much and the farther I get into my degree the more I enjoy my classes. I am looking ahead to our summer and I am pretty excited about it. To start out our summer we will be picking up our newest member of our family, Jovie, on May 5th. Jovie is a form of the word for joy in French, it is also Elf's girlfriend's name in Elf. Now it will be our little puppy's name, too. Here are two pics I took of her last weekend when we went for a visit. She had just turned 4 weeks old.

Couponing...I can start buying a newspaper and scouring the websites for coupons again. I do love it, but during the semester I am just glad to run to the store on my way home from school to pick up groceries for dinner. Not enough time to coupon for me during school.

Taking pictures...I took a sabbatical from my business this spring. Once school started back up in January I knew I was in for a long semester ahead and decided that for the good of my sanity I needed to step back from my business for a season. However, with summer around the corner, I have some shoots on the calendar which I am looking forward to. I really am not sure how much I will shoot once the school year starts up again, probably not at all. I might have moved my business into a summer gig.

Helping Rob with his cleaning business, and helping market a business we will be buying in the next couple of weeks or so. Rob started a cleaning business, M5 Cleaning Services, which has been going well. He likes it, a lot. I like it, a lot. It is pretty cool to be in charge of your own schedule. We are in the process of buying an Air Castle Business, which is already a viable business. We will already have regular clients in the Universities, schools and churches, along with many birthday party goers. However, there is much to do with getting the marketing and advertising where we want it to be, so that will be my real summer job. I will also be the receptionist/office manager for the business, thankfully for cell-phones I can reception from wherever I am. Both businesses are great family businesses, the kids can help out, and learn work ethic and customer service. Good stuff.

Reading for pleasure...yes, please. I have about 5 books stacked up just waiting for me to read about my favorite things like spiritual practices, discernment and love languages for your teenager...good times are ahead.

Swim club, yes, I am ready. So that is my...why I am excited for summer list. Today was 104 degrees...I think that summer is here.

Thankful and grateful.