April 01, 2012


Today was a sad day at our house. Our little dog, Snickers, passed away overnight. She brought so much joy to our lives. We have talked a lot today about how quiet it is around our house. She isn't here to notify us of someone walking by our house, or barking at the birds out back. My feet are awful lonely as she isn't snuggled up to them like she normally is when I type on the computer.

She had been a bit lethargic this week, then she got sick several times on Friday night-Saturday morning while we were sleeping. Rob and I woke up to hearing her at about 4am and tended to her, and scrubbed our floors and carpets. We stayed up with her to keep an eye on her, but she seemed content to just sleep. I called the emergency vet on Saturday morning, yesterday. They told us we could bring her in. She still had a wag in her tail, but her energy was really low and could only take about 5 or 6 steps before having to rest. I had hoped she had a virus and it would pass. The blood work came back normal and the vet gave us a bunch of meds for her, we could have left her there for them to watch, but we wanted her home with us. Just where she would want to be I feel sure. We all ached for her while she would walk here and there, and not chasing the birds. But we hoped that we would wake up this morning and the medicines would have made her tummy better and she would be on the mend. She drank some water and Gatorade last night before bed and kept it down, so I was more hopeful than earlier in the day that she was feeling better.

This morning when I woke up I looked through the house to find her and see how she was doing. I couldn't find her in the living room or in the kids room. I hesitantly walked back into my room to look under my computer desk, one of her favorite spots, hesitantly because I knew I hadn't heard her breath when I woke up. I looked under my desk and there she was, just lying on her side like she was about to wake up any minute. But she wasn't about to wake up. She had passed in the night. She was in one of her favorite spots.

As weak and weary as she was she didn't seem as though she was in pain. She just seemed like she wanted to rest. The Dr. said it was probably a mass inside her. She was at home, and we were glad to be all together.

We are all SO SAD with her passing. Words can't express how it feels to know that we wont ever see those eyes that looked at us with such intense love and adoration again. She was such a special part of our family. It is so quiet without her. She had just turned 9 years old.

We love you Snick!


Julie Adams said...

Ohhhh!!!! I'm so sorry!!! I wish they could just live forever. Nick's dog is 15 and we just dread it and sometimes act like it might never happen.

Amber Joy said...

I am so sorry to hear this! It is a heartbreak I can't imagine. :(
praying for your sweet family.

Scott F said...

It is SOOOO hard to lose a pet family member. We have been there, and will be again soon. So glad she brought your family so much joy as you also gave that to her.