February 23, 2009

Oscars - So Fun, Next Book on Deck!

Monday night. Busy day on the puter. I ran some errands after I dropped off 2 of my kiddo's at their theatre/dance classes this afternoon, and ran by the mall to exchange a birthday gift. On my way out I saw two friends walking the mall, I desperately wanted to get a little exercise so I joined in for a 20 minute fast walk around the mall. It was fun joining in with them, and we got to discuss the Oscar movies from last night.

Speaking of Oscars. I just thoroughly enjoyed them last night. Hugh Jackman is highly talented and I loved the Frost/Nixon song with Anne Hathaway, what a voice she has. I also cried like a baby when Kate Winslet won best actress. I loved that she had her dad whistle out where he was, so she could find him and wave. She is one of my favorite actresses, like in the top 2, Meryl Streep is the other. I generally choose not to see R Rated movies, and unfortunately that seems to be what she is in most of the time, but I will continue to rewatch Titanic, Sense and Sensibility, Finding Neverland and on wonderful rare occasions see her in something new. I loved her dress and her "Old Hollywood" hair.

I thought the parity on Joaquin Phoenix by Ben Stiller was hysterical. If you haven't seen the interview with Joaquin on the David Letterman show, take the time to watch it on You Tube if you want to watch an extremely odd and slightly bewildering 10 minutes. Joaquin is one of my favorite actors, Gladiator is my most favorite movie ever, Walk The Line is right up there, so I am a bit bummed that Joaquin is stepping away from acting. I wish him well and pray that he can find his way.

And then my last commentary on the Oscars last night was that I totally loved the past icons presenting the supporting and best actor/actress roles. It was fun to see the past winners on stage together.


Next book up to read - Jesus In The Margins (Finding God in the places we ignore) by Rick Mckinley.


Just finished reading Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond, after reading the first couple of chapters I had to read a page in the last chapter to see how it ended. It was going to cause me too much stress while reading to not know how it ended. I rarely ever do that, but I do have to confess that that last book of Harry Potter I did the same thing. The Year of Fog, was a story about a child abduction and what happens in the year following that abduction in the lives of her father and father's fiance, who was the one with her when she was abducted. This book had some s*x in it, not hard core, but still more than what I want to read. I am not a prude, others might be able to read this kind of material and not have it stick in their head for days after, but that is not the way my brain works. I learned several years ago that it does not bless my soul to read questionable material. Maybe because my spirit is sensitive to this, maybe because God knows where I came from and He wants me to keep my mind on what is pure and wholesome. I told my friend yesterday that I wish I could read books and not be so convicted, but I guess I will let God do the convicting and I will follow as best I can.


Time to go pick up the kids.
Have a great day.


Tracy Gand said...

I thought there used to be a service that provided "clean" version of books. Can't remember where I heard of it, but if it does exist it'd be awesome!