February 03, 2009

My Friends That Make Me Laugh (and think)

Who is going to Denny's today for the free grand slam breakfast? I think it ends around lunchtime. I just read where my friends Vanessa and Nic went to Denny's this morning for their free breakfast and Nic stood up and had the whole restaurant applaud the staff ; ) He cracks me up. Another Nic story from Vanessa's blog which is private otherwise I would link you over. Nic graduated from ACU with his Masters Degree in Missions a couple of months ago. Not only did he graduate but he was the first mentioned by name during the speech made by Dr. Money the President of the school, for his excellence and journey from the peace corps to the mission field. He and Vanessa are moving to Hawaii as missionaries in a couple of months. Nic needed to find a job in the meantime. He decided to work on the campus where he graduated with his masters as part of the ground keeping crew. So he applied and got the job. He is learning a lot during his time as grounds keeper and knows that this knowledge will bless him and others when he moves. So, someone he knows saw him raking up some leaves and asked him, "Hey, didn't you just graduate with your masters?" and Nic's reply was "Yes, I did." and he held the rake up with a big goofy grin on his face. Nic loves to freak people out and walk the road less travelled. Vanessa graduated with her Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling and is currently working in a job where she works with addicts. Hawaii has a high level of addicts, so I know God has placed her there to prepare her for her mission. We will miss Nic and Vanessa SO much when they are gone. Hawaii is a place where people need authentic people who want to share Jesus. Nic and Vanessa will be used greatly for the Kingdom and I am excited for their transition to Hawaii. Anyone who has spent time in any "resort" type of place has seen what is behind all the pretty resorts and beaches, people who need Jesus. Nic and Vanessa will have a huge mission field, but with God leading them, they will bless His Kingdom.


Cindy said...

Thank-you Tammy for the kind and loving words about my children.
Love, Cindy