February 06, 2009

Yay! for Esther, Michael disappoints

Friday morning. My weeks go by too quick. Never get enough done. I am looking forward to class #2 of Esther today with the Friday morning ladies. So excited to report that we have over 70 women taking part in this in depth study between the two classes. God has brought me excellent childcare for all the babies and toddlers of the young moms who are in the classes. So blessed.


Michael Phelps, went from being known for his amazing gold medal record months ago to being on the outs of anyone who has kids who look up to him. So sad. Gone are the days that you can party with a couple close friends and think you are not going to get caught. Too many cell phones with picture capability out there. I am sure he is trying to figure out who his real friends are at this point.


Celebrating my sweet daughter's 10th birthday tomorrow. Then we have our family party for all of them on Sunday. Fun stuff.


I asked one of my friends last night about she and her husbands plan to go through the Foster to Adopt with Christian Homes. I am so excited for their family. What a blessing to open your home to a child that needs a permanent Forever Family. I pray God blesses their journey from beginning to end.


There is more to say on this hodge podge post, but I must get ready for class. May you lift your eyes to Jesus today and rest in His love for you.


kenny said...

is the esther beth moore series stuff just coming out? my wife, my cousin (in another part of the state), and you and your friends are doing it. that is so cool!!

apparently she has something good to say! ;o)