February 09, 2009

Australian Fires

My Aunty Eloise sent me some pics from Australia showing what is happening right now with the fires that are barrelling through towns and forest. I just saw on the news that the death toll is up to 170. I have family mostly on the East Side of Australia, in Queensland. Aunts, Uncles and more cousins than I can count ; )
Please pray for Australia and those who have been affected by this fire.

The picture of the fireman feeding the koala water is precious.


Brandi said...

These fires are devastating! I pray for your family. We too have family in Rowville, right in the middle of it all. We have yet to be able to reach them, so I ask you add them to your prayers also.

It rips my heart apart thinking that some crazy person may have started this terrible, terrible thing. This entire country needs our prayers!