February 06, 2009

A Humorous Look At Myself and Pork Chops

Saving money. My friends are stocking up pantries, the media is telling us how to tighten our belts, every where I turn people are talking about how to simplify. Well I love me some simplicity. But on the other hand I am not a very good planner. To simplify a food budget it seems to me that I need to do a little meal planning, ahead of time. I have been following some blogs lately that talk about this very thing. Problem is most of the recipes that are highlighted as bargains don't look very appetizing to me. I would pay someone $5 not to make me eat that under $5 meal. But nonetheless, I know I can do better by planning ahead. So I made a mental note, buy meat when on sale.

The typical way I buy meat is at about 3pm in the afternoon when I have decided what I will prepare for dinner that night. It is not real economical way to shop when I am basing it on my what sounds good today whim. I head to the grocery store and walk by what's on sale because I have already decided on something else. Back to my mental note. I went to the store today to buy some essentials and noticed that the pork chops are buy one get one free. Some people that are already privy to this type of sale shopping call that BOGO. So out of the blue I loaded up two mega sized packages of pork chops and put them on the very top of my shopping cart, you know the little shelf where you can lay your wallet, and proudly walked around the store. I looked like I was a real bargain shopper. I had a sudden vision of Will Ferrell pushing pork chops with that big goofy grin of his, I think that is the look I was eminating.

Then I came home and individually packaged the chops in freezer bags with a family serving in each. So I ended up with 5 family servings of pork chops for $17.

If that wasn't enough savings for one day, I read on my friend Sarah's blog that she just finished a good book. Year of Fog. We all know I love me a good book. My first instinct was to click on over to Amazon, and then I remembered about this paperback trading website...http://www.paperbackswap.com.
Well by golly, I signed myself up and logged on 10 paperback books that I had laying around my house which we are finished with and ordered me Year of Fog and it is already on it's way. Chu Ching.

Yay! for teaching an old dog new tricks. Anybody know how to cook pork chops? A recipe to help me out, as we will be eating them for..stinking...ever!!


Anne said...

Melissa Boisvert gives us this YUMMY EASY pork chop meal at our OAM cooking group sometimes...

Pan sear (sp?) the pork chops, and then put them into the crock pot with a can (or 2) of chicken with rice soup...let it cook for the day and at dinner, you will have the yummiest pork chops ever! Allison Connor made these at Bunco one time when she had it at her house...they are then served over rice!

You might want to double-check with Melissa or Allison for the exact instructions for the recipe, but you will be glad you did! My family LOVES them cooked this way!

Melissa said...

Anne beat me to it, but this is really a great recipe. Before you sear the chops, dredge them in a mixture of flour (1/2 c), salt (1 TBSP), dry mustard (1 1/2 tsp), garlic powder (1/2 tsp). Brown the pork chops in a little oil and put in the crock pot. Cover with 1 (yes just 1) can of chicken & rice soup. Cook all day then serve over additional rice. They are so tender and good.

Becky K said...

Mom used to brown them in a pan then put in an oven safe dish with cream of mushroom soup (I would probably mix it with half a can of milk or water). Throw it in a moderate oven and cook for a while. Serve with mashed pot mmmmmm. You can also do sweet and sour pork or pork stir fried rice. Go to http://allrecipes.com/ and they have an ingredient box at the top. I love that site.

Sarah said...

Yay, yay, yay! I'm so proud of you for getting Year of Fog at paperbackswap.com! You'll have to let me know how your experience goes -- I have thought about that. Or you could have gotten it at the library when I returned it -- there was one more on the shelf, too!

You must not hate grocery shopping as much as I do. I would eat dirt on Frito's for dinner before I went to the grocery store every day at 3 p.m. Blech...! You can find meat on sale cheaper, but Sam's has great prices on boneless skinless chicken and lean ground beef. Of course, it's also in ginormous quantities, so you'll have to wait until your freezer is pork-chop free.

Allison Connor said...

I was going to leave Melissas recipe, but you already have it...best porkchops ever!! I usually dredge and sear and then freeze...then dinner is just getting the frozen chops out of the freezer putting them in the crockpot with the can of soup and letting it cook all day long...then I just make rice and a veggie and tada dinner!