Horses, Horses (and port-a-potty's) A Saturday in Abilene

There are so many reasons to love Abilene. One is that there are roots that come with a town that has been vital since the late 1800's. Once we were a hub for the railroad, today you can still hear more than a couple of trains rail through Abilene during the day. Normally when you are in a hurry you can guarantee being held up waiting for the train to move on through.
The second is that there is a church on every corner. Some people might say that leads to a church hopping mentality, you don't like what one church does, so you move to the next. I see that it has it drawbacks, but I was one of 3 Church of Christ kids in my Arizona high school. My youth group was me. I always felt like the lone c of c kid. So I love the church community we have here.
The third is....where else can you be driving in the middle of the day. Have a bunch of police cars pull up to the light you are waiting at, stop the traffic, and allow about 100 horses and carriages walk through. Was it a parade? Was it a cattle drive? Who knows, but my kids sure enjoyed it. The caboose of the round up was a truck pulling 4 port-a-potty's. I love Abilene.


Roxanne said…
AND in addition to the horses and wagons AND Porta potties. . .you also have a Dodge and a Chevy in the foreground of your photo. . .even more reasons to love Abilene--or Texas in general. Each year as the Rodeo approaches, there are atleast three days of the week where I pass a trail gang camped under the overpass of the freeway near our house--horses, wagons, big 'ole trucks, campfires, the works.
Sarah said…
I am SO disappointed that you didn't get a picture of the port-a-potty's!! What WAS that for -- I'm so sorry we missed it! :-) And, darn! Those guys look cold! Thank you, Lord, that I live in the age of heated travel!

I saw a birthday celebration for a 100-year-old woman on the news last night. She said the biggest change was travel. The 4 miles she rode to church in the covered wagon over rocks and ruts was the coldest, most miserable ride ever (and I'm guessing there was no heat at church, either). Again -- I was born into the right era!
Denise W. said…
I love Abilene, too! We drive by the Expo Center all the time and see all the horses. They have cutting competitions every other weekend and my kids love to see the horses out there.
I hope I don't have to live anywhere else!!
shellie said…
Tammy- we saw the same processional on the way to dance class Tuesday afternoon. It was a trail ride. They were headed to Buffalo Gap that day and then little by little making their way to San Angelo for the San Angelo Stock show and rodeo. I, like you, was wondering where else you might see such a sight and am very thankful to live in Abilene, Texas!
Steph said…
What fun! Thanks for sharing!
Dad said…
Ok, Ok, You convinced me.

But I have five even better reasons for someone to want to live in Abilene: Rob, Tammy, Derek, Jack & Sophie.

Love ya,

Dad (Grandpa)

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