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Hello - Thursday night, ahhhhh! That is the sound of relief as today was Jack's last chemo for the next 2 weeks. A 2 week break. His ANC counts were at 1100. Still over 1000 which is what is needed for him to fight any sickness that might come his way. I was a little shocked though because when I took him into his pediatrician on Monday so she could check him out his counts were 2950. So a week ago today they were 1900, within the week they varied alot. Today was a good day for Jack, he actually fell asleep during chemo for about 25 minutes - a first for him. I guess he was really tired, he normally fights it when his eyes start wanting to close.
This morning before Jack went to school we were talking about our plan of when I was going to pick him up for chemo and he said, "Mom, I don't want chemo today, I want a poke in my arm not in my port." I reminded him that after today he would have 2 whole weeks off, and he smiled a huge smile and said, "that sounds really good to me." It sounds good to me too.
We will have blood draws each week on our normal Thursday but we always feel blessed when we have some time away from the medicines.
I ate lunch today with Jack in the school lunchroom and one of the cafeteria ladies came over and told me that she thought Jack was looking so good. She had said that a couple of weeks ago she had heard this overly loud laugh and turned around to ask the student to keep it down. She looked down and saw it was Jack and she told me she just smiled and let him laugh as loud as he wanted. She said Jack is normally so quiet and never makes a peep, to just hear him get so tickled and see that he was feeling good that day made her go back and tell the other cafeteria women that she actually heard Jack laugh really loud.
For us at home we have been blessed to not see a huge changes in Jack's personality, but when he lost his hair he really got quiet at school and became almost sheepish I think. Now that his hair is coming back in he is feeling comfortable and more self assured. That makes me so happy. Laugh Jack laugh.
We are looking forward to an awesome break and a fun weekend with the kids. I think we might go see 8 Below at the movies.
Thanks for your prayers and taking the time to keep up with Jack. He continues to shine his light and smile his smile. God Bless you.


shellie said…
We have heard that laughter from Jack in class at church on Wednesday nights too and it is very heartwarming.
Sarah said…
I'm still trying to get a handle on the quiet Jack! :-) I really don't see him quiet too often, but I know I don't see him often enough!

I do, truly, love his laugh and am so glad we all get to hear it loud and long these days!

Yeah! for 2 weeks off!
Cathy Messecar said…

Hi. I met you in Mike's class on blogging. BTW, thanks for checking out my Web site--and for signing the guestbook. I inadvertently deleted your comment. I have to clean up the guestbook every morning because of unwanted ad posters. I'm sorry.

We'll be keeping up with Jack and praying for him. In Mike's class you said to me, "I'm not a writer."

May I differ with your opinion. "Yes, you are."

May God bless you and yours more than you can imagine...Cathy
Roxanne said…

Hadn't gotten a chance to catch your blog since the "horses and port a potties in Abilene" day--so glad to hear about Jack laughing--and I laughed myself at Jack's tooth pulling plan and the conflictedness of the Tooth Fairy. Jack has always been described as such a fun loving little fellow that the last thing I expected for him to do was formulate a plan for the pulling of his tooth. . .I'm a planner myself, married a planner, gave birth to one eldest-child-perfectionist-girl planner. . .so I loved the fact that despite the lack of a fortified breakfast, you allowed him to carry out his plan--even if it came to no avail. . .and he was hungry.

Bless you all as you continue this journey--I've always wondered about getting things injected into the port--I've seen ports in friends and wondered if having to go into it is painful or inconvenient or whatever. Most of them prefer the port--but they are adults. I'm so very glad that Jack is on haitus from that.

Love to you--Roxanne
Anonymous said…

I just found your blog from Mike Cope's and wanted to say hello. You might not remember me, but my son Tyler had a brain tumor last fall and we traded some emails about Jack and your situation. Please know that you have been in my prayers (I have quite a prayer list from the experience!). You reaching out to my family during such a difficult time was needed so much. I'll keep praying for Jack and your family.

Mark Stewart
Bloomington, IL
Beverly said…
Hi Tammy,
Well, I have just heard amazing things about you girl. I want to be your blog friend. I read your comments on Mike's blog.

Yes, laugh Jack, laugh. We as parents watch every little expression, every little sigh, every little tear..I'm glad you have had the gift of his laugh.
I am glad Jack's laugh is back!
Have a blessed evening....
Anonymous said…
Tammy, Jack and all:

Just a note to say (again) how much we appreciate your doing this BLOG! It keeps us up on you. Jack is lifted each day in early morning prayer to the Father as we mention our loved ones. PRAISE GOD for his loving car for Jack and all of you!

love to all.

Tom & Dixie

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