The Plight of the Stolen Coat

Monday night and we are feelin' fine. Jack made it through his last weeks chemo feeling great. He is very excited for his 2 week break.
I picked the kids up from school today and asked them about their days. Jack told me that his was pretty bad. I asked him why and he said, "Well some kids stole my coat on the playground." So I asked him if he knew who it was who took his coat, and what were their names. He calls out two girls names and tells me whose class they are in. Now at this time he currently has his jacket so I know that somehow it was recovered. With Jack there is always humor in his most tragic stories, so I continue to ask a question here and there to try and fill in this picture. He tells me that these girls stole his coat from him and that he had to go after them to get it back. By the time he had caught up to the suspects he had recruited two other boys from his class as back up. Apparently there was a bit of a struggle for the coat but he got it back. I told Jack that I think the girls probably took his coat because they wanted him to chase them. He didn't say too much to that. Then I asked him are these the girls who chase you on the playground to which he replied that they were. I asked him what they did with him once they caught him. He said sometimes they drag him around and sometimes they push him into things. So I say, you know you can use your words and tell these girls you don't like what they are doing. You can invite them to play with you but to cool their jets a bit and quit bugging you. To that he replied..., well I really don't like to talk that much at school. I say to Jack, do you like it when these girls chase you and push you around? He says, yes, I think I do. Then I say well good luck with that.
Jack's main concern for tomorrow is whether or not to bring his coat to school.
First grade can be tough on the playground, girls, girls, girls.


Amber Joy said…
LOL! Yah, good luck with that, Jack. He's such a funny kid.
Sarah said…
Well, it may be a good thing or a bad thing that it's supposed to be 80* today. . . he sounds like he may take his coat anyway! :-) Isn't first grade fun?
Anonymous said…
I love this story ... soon Jack will be pulling girl's pigtails to show he likes them:)
Denise W. said…
I remember a bunch of us girls chasing a boy around the playground in 1st grade! What we did when we caught him - I don't remember!
Anonymous said…
With the first graders at our school, the thrill is in the chase! (Isn't that the truth in life!?) If they catch their "prey", I don't think they really know what to do with them either. But it definitely means that whoever is doing the chasing likes the chasee!
Have fun with that one :-)
shellie said…
So sorry to hear Jack has a fever. I'm no doctor, but it sure sounds like the flu, doesn't it? I will be praying that Jack heals quickly and everyone else in your house stays well.

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