April 20, 2008

Jack's Last Steroid!!!

Sunday night. We had a great weekend. The kids all went to Monahann, Texas yesterday for a Bible Bowl tournament. They drove over in the people mover with several adults and a total of 12 kids. They had a great day and loved being on the road with friends.
Today we had a luncheon after church for our new worship leader and his family, George Pendergrass. For those of you who know Accapella George was a part of that group several years back. They are a sweet family and I know that we will be blessed by their friendship. Tonight was our last session for The Psalms of the Ascent in bible study. This bible study was excellent, the sisterhood was blessed. My relationship with Jesus has certainly taken a step up through the last 8 weeks. Each time I do a new Bible study I come out on the other side closer to the Lord.
Guess what? Today was Jack's last day to take a steroid pill. He was so excited. Please keep him in your prayers for his body to kick in his natural steroids. He is still suffering daily from atrophy as a result of the high steroid usage. His natural steroids quit working because the pills were so strong they shut down production. Now he is coming off of the pills and his body needs to restart. This process should have completed itself at the end of December, but his steroids never kicked in, so he was put back on the steroids again. This time the tapering was twice as slow and I am quite sure his natural steroids have not kicked in yet. Every day he is sick and nauseous. He takes it like a champ. In the morning I come out of my room to find him laying on the cool leather couch face down, trying to feel better. He is on anti-nausea meds but they don't really help that much.
Please pray for God to just start up those steroids of his and get him past all of this.
FYI: Jack was on steroids to shrink the swelling in his brain from the gamma knife radiation treatment in March of 2007. Over a year ago now, can you believe it? So he has been on steroids since May of 2007, 11 months.

This week will be full of preparations for a wedding I am shooting in Ft. Worth this weekend, and also for preparations for The Coffee Group speaking at the Alta Mesa C of C Ladies Retreat in Ft. worth, the following weekend. The Lord has blessed me with such inspiration this last week, I am excited to share His glory with our sweet sisters.

Thank you Jesus.


Amber Joy said...

I miss you.
I'm so glad for Jack. My little heart swells with pride when I think of that little guy. I hope he gets to feeling better.
And I greatly miss SHcoC... Wish I could be there to sing with GP!