April 07, 2008

Some Great Info

Monday morning. The quietness of a Monday morning. Dreamy. I do love summertime, and I know that my kids are so ready for summer vacation, one thing I will miss greatly is dropping them off at school and coming home to my house with no noise, drinking my morning tea and studying my Bible did I mention with no noise. Peace and Quiet. I think I might be instituting a Be Still and Know God hour in our summertime days, I know that it will be a blessing to me, might even teach my kids the benefits of silence. We certainly don't have very many instances in our typically busy days to practice silence.

Jack did exceptionally well last Thursday with his visit to the podiatrist. It was by far the most painful procedure Jack has ever had done. We slathered his toenail and the tip of his toe with emla cream, but the shots to numb his toe were at the base of his toe where it connects with the foot. It was tearful, but he did a great job of holding still and doing just what he needed to do. Bless him. He now has a toe that looks great. He didn't have that procedure that removes the sides of his nail, just the part of the nail removed that was causing the problem. All the medicines and chemo he has been given over the last 3 years is really showing in his nails and they are very hard to take care of properly. When I would trim his toenails they often times just crack, and I didn't realize that I wasn't trimming the very edge as the nail would just crack off, but the doctor showed me how to take care of his nails in the future so that should be our last visit to a podiatrist, Lord willing.

Friday the girls and I in Coffee Group left for the A&M Church of Christ in College Station to present at their Ladies Day. The Lord was huge and blew us all away. One of the greatest "faith growers" for me is to step out on faith to places I know that without God I would fail miserably. God continually blesses my walk to Him and with Him in every instance that I share His grace and mercy.

I am grateful. I am grateful for my life that lives in the midst of God's glory, Jesus. There is such blessings and peace.

I am anticipating a new computer arriving tomorrow. I will be pulling everything off of my defunct and broken laptop and getting back to work like a crazy dog catching up on everything that I haven't been able to do since Wednesday when my laptop quit working completely. But the good news is, I think American will pay for my laptop. It is not what you know, but who God puts in your path with this type of thing I guess.

We had the most awesome lesson presented to our Bible Class yesterday. Homos*xuality was the topic. It was amazing.
Dr. Sally Gary spoke of the passion God has put in her heart to minister to those struggling with feelings they don't understand. It seems like there is a huge gaping whole of information in the Lord's church about this particular issue. Because we don't talk about it openly in church and if we do we are normally very pious and angry and we instill fear into those around us that are struggling with this, and they wont take a chance to come forward and let the people of the Lord help. The feelings are kept inside where Satan can fester their shame and fill their heads with lies and fear. As with any sin if it is brought into the light and people are treated with dignity and respect God's healing can take place.
After Sally shared her story she told us about an organization that she started called Center-Peace. Just this weekend a sister in Christ shed tears when she told us of her son who has chosen this lifestyle and she is so confused. Center Peace is an organization that helps the person struggling, and the families and friends with information and education. Currently ACU has a group that meets every week that has brought God's love and truth to the students struggling and even a family member or two attend. Center Peace is a very safe place, a place where people can share their struggles and feelings without being treated with hate and ugliness. Center Peace has started support groups at several Christian Colleges and soon will move into the State Colleges.
I didn't see a website, but if you want more info you could email centerpeaceinc@gmail.com
Because the church has stayed silent on this issue for so long most of the information our kids are seeing or hearing are from a perspective that is not consistent with the Bible.
There is going to be a class at Highland Church of Christ on Wednesday nights April 30-May 28. On The Basics; Choice, Roots, Change?; Helping and Not Hurting; Hope for Parents; Reaching Out.
I am hoping to attend because education is the key to "helping not hurting." I loved one of her illustrations yesterday of when the prodigal son returned that his father didn't wait for him to apologize and beg his forgiveness, his father ran out to where his son was and greeted him with love and rejoicing.
Another very interesting point that she made was that so many sins have their roots at the same places. Places of being hurt, neglected, rejected...they show can themselves differently but the very root of the sin is from being hurt somehow.
I was so grateful for this subject to be addressed to bring information to our class. It was such a blessing.


Sarah said...

I LOVE the idea of a 'Be Still and Know' hour in the summer!! I may borrow that one!

However, your friends are currently having THEIR 'Be Still and Know' hour early, while the babies are asleep, so that they can go walk together! WE MISS YOU! Come walk with us! It's even over 60*!!

Michelle said...

That is a great point about all sins originated in the same 'place.' Glad you're back!

Nic and Vanessa said...

Poor guy. We love that Jack; there are many who love him. You are an incredible mother to your kiddos! Let's hang out soon. K?

Lindi said...

I haven't touched base in a while but still wanted you to know I'm out here and reading. Your words are such a source of comfort. Now I know that someday both kids will be in school and I will have an hour of peace and quiet. With a pre-schooler it's NEVER quiet. I am looking forward to summer too. I'm ready to sleep in without an alarm clock. Play until it gets too hot to be outside and they take a good ol nap in the AC. Maybe this year we will be able to swim with ya'll again. I miss the a.m. at the pool. Blessings to you. LC