June 21, 2008

At Becky's House

Here are some pics from my sister Becky's house. She has precious children. I have one more set of pics to post from my brother's house. Will do that later today or very soon. Enjoy these bright and shining faces.
The top pic is my daughter Sophie, the rest of these sweet faces are my neices and nephew.

Sweet Reagan

Sweet Riley

Dakota and Riley

Handsome Christopher


Dakota and Riley, my sister Becky in the middle.

Riley playing with the sword.

Big smile from Dakota.

Christopher looking so big and tall.


Michelle said...

I love his shirt....Future Billionaire! That's great.
Nice pictures. You always do such a beautiful job!

Courtney said...

These B&W conversion's are AMAZING! So creamy and gorgeous!! Beautiful work :-)

Becky K said...

What a beautiful family your sister has. I must meet them hehe. Love the pics thanks.