June 25, 2008

To Infinity and Beyond at the Y

I am tired today. Tonight is our fourth and final night of SBA (Summer Bible Adventure). We are all having fun, Derek has outgrown the age requirements to participate so he is a helper this year. He is helping Elaine and Tom in the pre-school crafts, I am a group leader along with a new friend named Shelly, Rob is the mad scientist who does the opening skit each night along with Ann, and Jack and Sophie are participants. So many people put so much work into SBA, it is always a blessing to be a part of it.

I took some awesome pics this morning of a precious 2 week old baby boy and I can't wait to get those images processed.

I have been going to the Y every day. My routine is to walk on the treadmill, lift weights and swim laps. I love swimming, I love the rhythm of it, it is my favorite exercise activity. My favorite part of swimming is when I kick off from the side and I am in the deep end. I have my goggles on and I am gliding through the water, kind of like being shot out of a rocket in space. I am the Buzz Lightyear of the deep end. I also love that when I am under water I can not hear the screaming of the 150 Y-Care kids screaming in the play part of the pool. I do love swimming.

Jack is at Camp Imagination in the afternoons this week. He is having a good time, he did say he had to do a lot of thinking. Not exactly what he expected, but other than having to use his brain during summer vacation he is having a good time.

I am counting down the days until I get to hear Beth Moore speak at Living Proof Live in San Antonio. August 22,23. Speaking of Beth Moore, I saw last night on the Lifeway website that her new study on the book of Esther will be released on November 1, 2008. That will be too late to start a ladies Bible Class on it this year, so that will be our spring study. We are starting "Discerning God's Voice" by Priscilla Shirer this Sunday night and have an incredible amount of women signed up, I think we are at 37.

I am off to pick up Jack from camp.


Sarah said...

I, too, love, love, LOVE the peaceful rhythm of swimming. No music, no screaming, no chatter -- only what's in my head. Splashing and splooshing and thoughts. I've planned and dreamed and prayed many a lap in a pool. But I've never thought of myself as Buzz Lightyear -- :-)

honey said...

Thanks for making our day so special. Loved the pictures of Benton! You are using your God given gift! Keep up the great work! Love you friend, Jacki