June 04, 2008

Journey's Inn

Last week I was at my friends new Bed and Breakfast, Journey's Inn. The Bed and Breakfast is in the historical district of Abilene and it is beautiful. One of my friends from church, Susan and her friend and co-worker, Cheryl, opened the bed and breakfast just over a month ago. I loved the story that one of their first guests at Journey's Inn loved it so much that they booked it for the next 3 years on the dates they would be back in town visiting their kids at ACU. I am looking forward to taking my family there for an in town getaway sometime this summer. We love in town getaways, especially with the price of gasoline. As I haven't stayed there yet I have only heard about the wonderful baked muffins and goodies to eat in the morning. I thought I would share the quaintness of this fun place with you.

Here is the door that leads into Journey's Inn. How fun is that?

Meet Yertle. He came with the home when Vann and Susan moved in. He is one of three pond turtles, but by far his personality out shines the other turtles. I have to say that this is the friendliest and smartest turtle I have ever met. He came when Susan called him, he made his way back to the pond when directed to do so to get his breakfast.

Here are some of the pictures from the backyard. I love the pic where Yertle is waiting by the edge of the pond and looking at the camera, he likes to be the center of attention.

And here are pics from inside the Journey's Inn. Susan and Cheryl did a great job decorating.

I hope you enjoyed your little tour through the Journey's Inn.


Cheri w/ a "C" said...

wow - what a beauti-mus (my kids' new word of the day) B&B!!!

Haven't been online in a few... so I'm catching up on all your entries... well, after I come back home from Chachie's BB game!

Best of luck to your friends and their Journeys Inn! GReat name, BTW! Love it! very clever.

M'chelle said...

I love your new blog design! I hope your day is Blessed!

Donna Ware said...

Love the new design Tammy!