December 03, 2009

Deeper Still Conference Starts Tomorrow OKC

This time tomorow I will be on my way with 4 other women heading to Oklahoma City for the Deeper Still Conference. Can you believe it? I can't, I bought my tickets about 10 months ago and have had this weekend in the back of my head all year long. Not letting myself think about it too much because I might not ever sleep if I did. These 3 women, rock my world. They have allowed God to bring His message through them, back to the bible basics and bring the messages in a way that there is life application all throughout. The knowledge that I have gained through bible study has blessed me so much, and this group loves scripture so much it makes study fun and challenging at the same time. I can not wait!! Yes I am a bible study nerd and am not ashamed.

Grabbed these pics from Priscilla's blog at Going Beyond Ministries. Rych is the photographer on all of them.