December 06, 2009

Full of fun.

My sweet friend Amber took her little precious Ruby to the book signing for Ree, The Pioneer Woman's, new cookbook. Ree is travelling to and fro promoting her new cookbook. I have made many of Ree's recipe's over the years and they are scrumpdillyicious. Anyway, Ree is also an avid photographer and took a pic of Amber and Ruby while she was signing books at the Dallas bookstore, then she posted it on her blog. So my friend Amber and Ruby are famous. Ruby is so cute in her crochet cap.
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Matt Chandler, the pastor of the Village Church in Highland Park near Dallas, you might have heard of him. He is a gifted pastor and deliver's amazing sermons that you can put on your ipod, iphone, mp3 or just listen to them on the computer. The Path is a series I am currently listening to. Matt was diagnosed with a brain tumor a couple of weeks ago, underwent brain surgery and last I checked is still in ICU. Please pray for he and his family. Before he went into surgery he made a blog post of what was on his heart. Amazing stuff.
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The Deeper Still Conference was wonderful. I had a great time with friends and was blessed to hear Kay, Beth and Priscilla speak in person. I have heart Beth at a Living Proof Live once before and it was superb. We were die hard participants as we arrived super early before the doors even opened to have seats close to the platform. When we heard Beth before we were towards the back of that venue and were able to see her well on the screen, but I wanted to be close enough to see the ladies without having to look at the jumbotron. I was thankful that the other girls that went were also excited to be close up. We did have good seats both days. Here is a pic I took of all three ladies right before Beth spoke Saturday afternoon.

Travis Cottrell led the worship which was GREAT. 9,000 women praising God together is such a special time. I love this picture because of the words behind him. The plastic framed boards were put up all over the venue for the women to write sentiments on, then an artist painted the hand of God over them all. It was a beautiful site to behold.

After the conference was "officially" over Travis and part of his worship team sang some good old fashioned Southern Gospel songs. Right after this Beth, Kay and Priscilla participate in a Question and Answer session. It was full of laughs.


I checked Travis Cottrell's blog after the conference to see his wrap up, he and his wife were posting a daily favorite ornament pic and I thought that sounded totally fun....I thought I would take that idea and bring it here and post some of my favorite Christmas Tree Ornaments. I don't expect to do it daily, but here and there will post some of my fave's before Christmas.
My favorite ornament of the day for today is one of Rob's and my first ornaments. This picture was taken of us before we were married. We both have quite a bit more hair ; )


Amber Joy said...

I'm so glad the conference was a blessing. It sounds AMAZING!
Love the ornament idea... hmmm...