December 11, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

....these are a few of my favorite things...

This time of year my hands get so dry. The key to my hands not hurting from the cold and being as soft as they were 20 years ago is
Deborah's Collection Hand and Foot Creme I love this creme. Rob uses it too. Right before we go to bed at night we slather this on our hands and they feel so good the next day. It has a bit of a waxy feel to it when you rub it in, but it absorbs into your skin very quickly and immediately makes your hands feel hydrated. This product has 72% Aloe Vera. The good aloe too...high grade pharmacutical. I love it. I am a consultant for Deborah's Collection, so if you decide to give it a try then you can select me if you would like on the consultant page, TX-Abilene Tammy Marcelain. I am not getting any endorsement for putting any of these item's on my blog...isn't that a blogging rule now? Full disclosure.

This has become my most favorite Christmas album. I listen to it ALL day long and it never get's old. The message is wonderful and the tune's are upbeat and fun. Love Bebo!!!
Bebo Norman's Christmas Album

I can almost always be found with something hot brewing or steeping. I love hot drinks in the winter. I have come to love hot tea all year long. This is my most favorite... Earl of Grey from The Tea Spot in Boulder, CO I tasted the Tea Spot's tea at a Whole Foods in Dallas one day and have been a fan ever since. You can buy it off the shelf at Whole Foods, but I order it online as we don't have a Whole Foods in Abilene. I bought my tea cups from the Tea Spot too, makes steeping loose leaf tea SO easy, they even have collapsable silicon tea strainers now that can go with you anywhere...oh happy day. I have been known to take my breakable tea cups with me in my suitcase to make sure I can have my tea, now I can just take the tea strainer.

No picture here...just words...what is my one stop shopping place on the web for music, movies, books,... No crowds, low prices,..I heart Amazon.

To finish up a few of my favorite things, you can always find this link on my sidebar. I love
Eternal Threads
I have several Sofi Totes that I have bought over the years, they have carried my bibles/water bottles, keys, bigger one, we call the Chemo bag, carried dvd's, dvd player, books to read, books to color, snacks, water...
Several years ago I became acquainted with Eternal Threads. This organization releases women from poverty by teaching them a trade and paying them a fair wage to make totes, jewelry, bookmarks, lace items...The Sofi Totes are made in India then they expanded to several places around the world. I just bought a beautiful matching necklace/earring set made of swavorski crystals by the women in Afghanistan, for $24. The prices are reasonable to purchase, and the women who participate across the world have seen their lives change. Eternal Threads also sponsors girls who would not otherwise be able to attend school in their country to attend school. This organization changes lives.
This is one of my Sofi Totes, I love the colors.

This hat just makes me smile. I don't think my kids would wear this being preteen age, but I can guarantee you this hat had Jack's name written all over it, only if he was 2 again ; ) It was made in Nepal.

For those of you who live in Abilene for Downtown Days tomorrow, Saturday the 12th, you can go to the Eternal Threads storehouse and purchase many items for 20% off. They are located at 101 S. Walnut, in that blue and white building on the corner of Walnut and S. 1st. Downtown. I love to buy gifts that give twice, once to the person who I am giving it to, and second to the person who made it.

What are some of your favorite things?


Today's tree ornament is my Armadillo Sheriff. He reminds me of the great state of Texas of where I was born and now reside. I was born in San Angelo, TX about 2 hours or so from where I live now, during my childhood I lived mostly in Arizona with some brief stays to my mom's homeland, Australia. My dad always said that the humidity in Texas made his hair curl which is why he loved Arizona so much. No moisture in the air AT ALL. I moved back to Texas when I was 23 years old, it was a journey that God had ordained for me, a journey that saved my life in so many ways. I left behind a life that was filled with too much of everything, and came to a place where I was grounded in the simplicity of family and the love of Christ. One of the prayers I love so much is from St. Patrick, Christ before me, Christ ahead of me, Christ beside me. That is what I found in Abilene. I found it in the people, in the churches and mostly in the example of my Grandparents, aunt and uncle and cousins. I was able to see the fullness of life that I had never experienced, I wanted what I saw around me...which was unconditional, faithful love. Thanks be to God he says if we seek Him with all we have we will find Him and He is my all now. I needed family to help me find that and to give me a soft place to land and love me when I felt unloveable, they were the hands of Christ to me, and still are. Thanks be to God.
So this little Armadillo says Texas to me, and that makes me happy.


Leah said...

Fun post. I may have to try some of the DEborah's collection. Do you have any samples of skin moisturizer?

Faith said...

Loved this! found you via another blog I follow (Joy in the Journey). I really am glad you wrote about Eternal Threads...i never heard of that but I want to check that out! it sounds great!! Christmas Blessings to you.....