December 27, 2009

Let It Snow

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. All Christmas' have been wonderful but this one was made extra special with Rob's work schedule, and him having a 4 day Christmas break, and with my sister Becky and her family coming in for several days right before Christmas. I got some fun pics of she and her family while they were here and will post some of those this week.

The day Becky, Dallas, and the kids left for Kansas was the day the monster storm hit, which was Christmas Eve, the 24th. They tried their best to make it to Kansas, but ended up having to stop at a hotel, south of Norman, OK as the roads were not safe, and many closed down. I am glad to report that Christmas day they started their trip up a couple hours closer to Dallas' mom's home in Kansas and made it there by mid afternoon. Santa had come and the presents were waiting for the kids under the tree.

For all the holiday travelers, the snow was not necessarily their friend on the 24th, but for those of us who didn't have to be on the roads it made for a special treat. Here we are 3 days later and we still have snow on the ground, in West Texas!! The kids and Rob played out in the snow during the blizzard like conditions, and had a great time. It was our own winter wonderland. Here a couple of pics of the kids.

Christmas Eve we had planned to attend a local Christmas Eve service, but the weather kept that from happening for us, or so we thought. It turns out that the church service we were going to attend actually still took place, the news didn't differentiate which service was cancelled so we assumed it was the 6pm as it was scrolling across the bottom of the television, but was the 11pm that was cancelled. Tom and Elaine went as they didn't see the church closure information and they said it was a beautiful service and so heartwarming. My only disappointment this Christmas was that we were not there with them. I look forward to attending next year.

Christmas morning, Rob's mom, Elaine and her husband, brought over a yummy breakfast casserole and some sausage rolls and we started opening gifts at about 8:30am. The kids are allowed to dig into their stocking and open up those gifts when they wake up. They LOVE that! Then they wait for us to wake up while quietly separating out all of the gifts in their own piles.
All were blessed by the presents under the tree, but the greatest blessing was family being together and remembering Christ.

We went to the first showing of Avatar 3D at 12:25 on Christmas Day. We all loved it, although Jack and Sophie thought it got a little long for them. The movie was spectacular. Visually it was like a dream. I told Elaine and Rob after the movie that the colors make me think of the New Earth that God will have for us once ours is gone, Heaven. Although scripture tells us we could not even imagine how beautiful it will be, and that earth is just a shadow of the beauty we will have in heaven. James Cameron does a great job at stretching our imaginations one step beyond what we see around us here.

Christmas Dinner was hosted by Elaine and Tom and we enjoyed a wonderful meal at their home.

It was a great holiday. Derek's birthday is this week, he is a New Years Eve baby. He said he wanted to go see a movie and then come home and watch the fireworks on television that happen each year to celebrate the new year, but we say they are celebrating his birthday.

I will post some pics of my sister's family this week some time. I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and that each day we remember the birth of Christ with as much excitement as we do on the 25th. God's sweet blessings to you for the New Year.