More D.C.

The family wanted to go to the Spy Museum which was right across the street from the Portrait Gallery. I opted for the Portrait Gallery, I loved it, however, I did feel a bit left out when all the rest were talking about their secret undercover names and assignments that they attained while in the spy museum. Here are some images from the Portrait Gallery.

Thomas Jefferson

Rosa Parks

Eunice Kennedy Portrait with several special needs kids. I loved this painting. It was realistic looking, looked almost like a picture. The beautiful children and the little girl with her arms outstretched to the ocean. Eunice Kennedy ofcourse started the special olympics. She is in the background with her arms around the kids looking at them to see what they need and share a smile. I think about this painting a lot.

We experienced many wonderful places while in D.C. Many of which you have seen pics of before...all the Memorials, Jefferson, Lincoln, the FDR which is the newest and it is amazing. You must go see it if you are in DC, it's along the mall hidden in some tree's. We saw the Capital with a tour from R. Nauggebauer's office, Arlington Cemetary, Ben's Chilli Bowl, the Pentagaon. It was an amazing visit. The kids loved each and every moment. We were so grateful to Dave and Kristi for their hospitality. It was a trip our family will never forget, it was quite a magical and meaningful experience for us. Our first official family vacation was one we wont ever forget.

Thanks for travelling with us through memory lane.


Amber Joy said…
I loved this recap of your vacation! We went to DC last summer on vacation and loved it! Did you get to see Dorothy's ruby slippers?

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