Mount Vernon- the Original GW's digs.

We visited Mount Vernon with Dave, Kristi and their two sweet girls. David and Kristi were phenomenal hosts to us during our visit. We had the best time with them. Here are some pics of our Mount Vernon visit.

This tree dates back to when George Washington was alive. There are two on the property that were there when he was alive. He and Martha could stand on the back porch and look out to the Potomac river with this very tree framing their view.

This is George Washington's burial tomb. On the other side of the room is Martha's tomb which looks similar. George was originally buried in a brick tomb, but left instructions to have a space more fitting for he and Martha to be constructed before he died. He was moved from the original tomb to the current one within a year or two of his burial.

The slaves that worked for George Washington were freed as instructed in his will. The area following this sign as you will see in the pic below through the brick arch is the memorial area for all the slaves who were buried on the land. No markers. Just buried. I thought the light through the archway was so beautiful. It reminded me that we might not know the names of the people buried here, but God does.

This is the back of George and Martha Washington's residence. The front had ladders and drapes as they were restoring and touching up to preserve the site.


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