What's outside your window from Boston to DC?

I took about 500 pictures when on the train. There are probably many reasons for this: I am old and will forget most of what I see if I don't have a picture to remember it, taking pictures is part of who I am, I also loved the movement dynamic in many of these images. Many of the still looking shots we were going just as fast as some of the tilted or blurry images, but those images were a bit farther away which would have some physics explanation of which I am not qualified to attempt to answer. But I loved how many of the items close to me would look as though they were bending, and I love the blurry shots too. I was a crazy woman with my camera this day, but it sure passed time quickly. My favorite images are of the water, and especially the beach shot with all the beach goers and their umbrella's. Beautiful ocean side views.


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