April 28, 2011

Good Results for Jack

Thursday afternoon and Rob and Jack are returning home from their Dallas trip. Jack had MRI and Oncology Clinic this morning. They drove up yesterday and stayed in a hotel, the Ronald McDonald House was booked up ; ( They had a blast and made the most of their guy time together. They swam and ordered room service and hung out last night.

My report from Rob today was that the MRI and Oncology Clinic went well, the doctors were all pleased with Jack's latest results.

We will be scheduling an appt. with a doctor in Dallas to measure Jack's comprehensive abilities. We knew that the radiation to his brain would cause some damage, as the doctors told us it was inevitable. We have been blessed that the only area that became a struggle for Jack was math, he went from math being a strong subject to having some great difficulties in processing. It took a good year to 18 months for us to see the long term effects. With tutoring Jack has done well to keep a B average in Math. The doctors want to do a cumulative testing day that will break down any other areas that could have been affected so we will be prepared and also it will give Jack the information to help him succeed by being prepared and informed.

I think we will schedule that testing for this summer some time.


This was the first trip that I didn't go with Jack to have the MRI and Clinic visit. I can definitely say it is easier emotionally when I am right there and in the middle of all the hub bub going on. Rob took Jack because it was easier for him to take off a day and half from work than it was for me to miss classes so close to finals. I really didn't think it would be that big of a deal for me, I knew it would be hard, but I hadn't been overly worried about Jack getting a bad report. So I thought...I can do this. I did my normal weigh out the situation and find the positives that are there. Of course the greatest positive was that Rob and Jack would have some good father/son time. And then I wouldn't miss my classes. I would have a nice time at home with Derek and Sophie. I held on to those positives. But this morning, after not sleeping well without Rob at home, I was tired and that certainly didn't help that my emotions were welling up inside of me. So I had pretty much worked myself up into a frenzy. YUCK! When I got the news from Rob I started crying like it was the first time we had gotten good news.

I am goofy crazy.


Amber Joy said...

You have every right to be emotional. Praise God for more good news!