April 05, 2011

Loving School!!

Tuesday night. Rob and I watch two shows together each week...Castle and Parenthood. We are t minus 13 minutes until Parenthood starts.

School...is going well. It is very busy, more assignments than I thought I could possibly ever have. For the most part they are not too taxing, but they are like little woodpeckers pecking me to death ; )

I continue to love school with all of my being. I will certainly be glad to be done with the last couple of lower level classes I have this semester and then a couple next semester. It seems as though there is an overdose of busy work in the lower level classes.

I do have to say that Dr. Richard Beck is not about busy work. He is the greatest professor EVER!! I am taking a statistics class for Psych majors and it is more fun and interesting than any stats class has a right to be. Dr. Beck keeps everyone engaged by using crazy examples to break it down and make it understandable. My favorite examples have to do with pergutory. I do enjoy the way that he intertwines spirituality with all subjects.
OK, enough about my amazing stats class...

My research topic that I have chosen, with guidance from my mentor, for the McNair Scholar's Program is Spiritual Coping. Such an interesting topic. I have completed gathering all of my research and now to start to combine it all together. This is a challenging program, and I am going to come through this program better for it.

T minus 1. Time to turn on the TV and sit with my cute hubbie and watch Lauren Graham wishing for the Gilmore Girls to go ahead and make a season 8.