April 06, 2011

Sophie's Candy Planet

Sophie and Jack had an assignment in Science to design their own planets. They were to create a planet, write about the planet, then make a model of their planet to turn in. I didn't get a picture of Jack's planet, but he decided to use a kit from Hobby Lobby and painted each of his moons that surrounded his large planet. He did a great job. Sophie's planet was a candy planet that only had kids on it, except for the adults who were there to run the stores and services for the kids. So basically the adults were the slaves and the kids ruled. We used a floral foam ball for the base of her planet, she did all the work herself, painted and applied the candy and fruit loops. I love how it turned out, but my favorite parts were her swirled painting and the gummy fish swimming in the ocean. I took some pictures, and a hungry visitor made an appearance towards the end.

Here is the planet ; )

Looking through my lens I see a visitor is entering the scene.

I grabbed this picture before the hungry planet eating scoundrel opened those jaws of hers and tried to abscond with a fruit loop. Thankfully, Sophie did an excellent job with the hot glue gun and the fruit loop was secure enough to stay put.

I probably could have taken a picture of the scoundrel after I told her no. She laid down, rolled over on her back and looked very sorry for her intrusion.
When I told Sophie about this when she returned from school that day she said that Snickers had snuck in and gotten some of the fruit loops she had in a bowl as she was gluing them on. She must have a thing for fruit loops.


Anonymous said...

If it counts at all, I give Sophie an A++++++++!!!!

Jana B