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Since April of 2005 this blog has given regular updates on Jack and his health. Jack has finished chemo and regular treatments with future follow-ups on a regular basis. So where does this leave Updates On Jack? I will be posting any and all updates, but as our journey never stays the same, neither will this blog. One thing remains the same ... We have the joy of the risen Christ.

New name, new color. Green is one of my favorite colors right now, but I am not sure I like a green, green, green blog. In my limited computer ability I have limited choices as to background color. I am waiting for one of my close friends to figure out how to add a creative decorating touch to their blogs, then maybe they will tell me. I wish there was a book, Blogging for Dummies, I would buy it.

In my previous post about The Coffee Group the website is now finished up. Thanks to Phil who designed the "perky" website and Stephen who is our creative design genius. It all looks great. Praise God for your gifts and abilities.


Julie Adams said…
That is a very huge statement that we do not realize... Jack is done. He has conquered the monster!!! Okay okay so maybe future follow-ups and maybe it isn't all "over" - but all in all HE IS A SURVIVOR. I am so proud of him. Ya know, the other day I was thinking of how hard of a time I am going through being the new girl at the new job... and I was wondering just how I was going to make it through everything. Then I flashed back to when I was interviewing Jack and I asked how he stayed away from being scared... "I didn't really worry about it." Those words from a small young boy pushed through my mind and they will continue to do so - these words will help me get through a tough time that is nothing compared to the battle Jack fought and WON.

Yes, always keep us updated on your family. Even if it is a small story to you, to one of us out here looking inside at this blessed family it just means the world of hope and inspiration.
Anonymous said…
You and Jack are still constantly in our prayers

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