July 29, 2006

The Sound of Silence

Saturday morning....the sound of silence. All the kid's went to grandma's house last night for a sleepover. Last night was Rob's and my first alone night of the whole summer. Between being out of town, and family in town, my Nana's illness and the Lord calling her home, and helping remodel my grandparents house, this has been one busy summer.
Our night consisted of eating the leftovers of a chicken casserole, catching up on our bible studies, then 2 episodes of the Gilmore Girls, it was glorious. When Rob came home from work yesterday, he was giddy with excitement about our possibilities for last night, movies or home, movies or home, we decided on home.
I am an outsider to the conversations that happen with my coffee group on the Gilmore Girls...Loralei, Rory, Suki, these are all names that have no meaning to me...Luke, Max, Dean...those too. Several years have passed and I have just accepted the fact that I would never be in on the Gilmore Girls conversations. We do not have the channel that it shows on. I had alot of stuff to do in my house this week and a movie in the background would be helpful, so I borrowed the complete season 1 from my friend Donna. Her last words were, "You will be hooked when you get done with these." She also has every other season that is in print on dvd that I can borrow, so I am definately in like flint if I do "get hooked". I think that it is safe to say that I will be borrowing season 2 very shortly, I am 2/3 of the way through the first season and it is a fun show to watch. Rob likes it because the dialogue is full of fun words, they don't ever have a quick yes or no answer, it is bantering at it's best.
Speaking of bantering, check out this new website, it is still slightly under construction, but you will get the gist of it.

  • The Coffee Group
  • A sub-group of our coffee group felt a call to join forces and develop a speaking ministry for ladies retreats and such. We will be at the ACU Lectures in September. Several friends are helping us through prayer, along with encouragement, and editing, design, web design, and our husbands are our greatest cheerleaders.
    There are some who have spoken in front of others before, some who have not, this is a leap of faith for all of us. God just continues to pull us from where we are comfy and cozy, and moves us to a new and unfamiliar places. Speaking for myself I have learned that God moves, and it is best to follow.
    We have just about 2 weeks left before school starts back. We are going to enjoy every moment of it. Rob and the boys go to Arlington tonight with a group of Father/kids from church to see the Rangers play. Pray for a safe trip and for the drivers to stay awake and alert!!!


    Denise W. said...

    Yes, Lord, another Gilmore Girls devotee! Why did we ever like Max? He was never Loralei's type. Should we also let the folks know that we need more Patty and Paris? Those two are funny.

    Sarah said...

    I'm glad that Rob likes the "Gilmore Girls" -- so does Troy!! Isn't it a hoot?

    And, I hear that Coffee Group is REALLY spectacular! :-)

    (was your blog green 20 minutes ago?)

    Lenore said...

    I ran across your blog when I was searching my own kids' names. I also have twins named Jack & Sophie. They are 6. It was fun to read about your parallel pair.

    Anne Jones said...

    I am praying for the coffee girls! God has big plans!

    I like the new green look and the new title! Can't wait to read more as you share your journey with me and others.

    Anne Jones said...
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    Karise Gililland said...

    I love your Coffee Group!!! Wonderful! I "perked" right up...Will be a "groupie" for sure! When I drink coffee, I like Cafe' Au Lait... from the coffee they use at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans...with Beignets... YUM! Normally, I am with Sarah on the DC. Glad y'all got to have some time to yourselves. Hope to get to Abilene soon!!!!Love to everyone there!!!!