July 20, 2006

Getting Back To Normal

We went into the chemo center to have Jack's port flushed for the first time. Once a month until the port is removed we will visit Nurse Sara and she will keep his port usable by flushing it out, and also drawing some of Jack's blood to make sure that he is recovering on schedule from the chemo treatments. His ANC counts were at 1580. About the same as last week when we were at Dallas Children's. Nurse Sara said that normal is around the 5000 ANC range, they will creep back up I am sure. Dr. Bowers told us that it takes about 6 months for his immune system to be back in line like it should. Until then we will keep him on his antibiotic 3 days a week as he has been for the last year.
The process is quick, we were in and out in about half an hour. Jack was glad to see a couple of his chemo buddies. I was glad to see our chemo friends and all the nurses.
Jack has had a busy week, he and Sophie have finished up swim lessons, which they both loved. We are looking forward to the last weeks of summer to be a bit more low key than the first half. I think we are all hoping for more pool time that is for sure.
Jack's hair is looking great and he is looking healthy. He is starting to eat with a better appetite than he has had in months. I can see several changes in him since he finished chemo up 4 weeks ago.
Jack and Sophie are going to a summer day camp next week, and they are so excited. Several of their friends will be there at the same time.
Thank you for your prayers.