July 11, 2006


...then the ship which sailed through the earthly sea's, made it's way into the distance, at the same moment we looked and said, I can't see the ship any more, it is gone, there was a huge celebration and joyous singing, they shout there she is! I can see her coming, she has arrived, let us rejoice as one of our own has come Home.
I know the Lord has welcomed one who has welcomed many throughout her life, a friend to all.
I love you sweet Nana.

I seem to be physically drained. On the way to Dallas yesterday Rob called and told me that my Nana had just passed on to be with the Lord. When I had said goodbye to her the night before we left, I couldn't help but kiss her, and kiss her, on the forehead, on the cheek, on the chin, on the lips, on the arm, on the forehead again, I just couldn't take my eyes off of her. I knew that there was a good chance she would be called Home before I made it back to Abilene, and saying goodbye was very hard. She hadn't eaten for several days and was on pain medication to keep her from suffering. Her words had for the most part stopped a couple of days ago, when she was awake she might whisper a small word. I would look into her eyes that were not filled with stubborness or strength like they had been before, but every moment in her eyes the words, I love you, were pouring forth. I would tell her I loved her, and she would say it back, as well as she could, whispering, but with such sincerity, I just wanted to hold on tight and not let go. I rejoice for she has gone on from this world, to a place where there is no suffering and tears, but those of us who must find our way in this world without her, we will miss her greatly.


We are back in Abilene! Thank the good Lord. Elaine, Rob's mom, took off work and she and the kids and I made the trek to Dallas. The trip only lasted about 28 hours but seemed like a week, it was definately a comedy of errors. For the first time in over a year the Ronald McDonald House was full up when we needed them, so we stayed in a hotel not too far from the hospital. We are glad to be home - safe and with very good news.

Dr. Bowers told us today that there had been no change in the size of the residual tumor inside the brain stem. He also said that what they are seeing could very well be scar tissue, there is no way to find that out unless a surgical biopsy is done, and that is not done, so what we are left with is, no future treatments, but continued MRI's for 3 months for the first year, then after that I am sure they taper them off a bit, through the following 4 years. Jack can have his mediport removed at anytime, he would like it to be taken out sooner than later, but on the doctors recommendation, we will leave it in for 6 months to make sure there is no change during that time. He will have a port flush every month for 6 months, then if all goes well he will be port free.
Physical rehab will stay the same and he will continue to work those areas that were lessened by the tumor and chemo.
The doctor said that there is a less than 50% chance that the tumor will return, and if it does then it would be resected with surgery, and future treatments would be given. I know I wrote that the tumor if allowed to grow back could be resistant, and Dr. Bowers said that is true with several cancers, but not as much with the pilocytic astrocytoma that Jack had (notice the past tense). So we are celebrating the good news.
I praise you Father for Your continued mercy and peace that has been apparent in our lives over the last year. I praise the Mighty King, the Beginning and Ending, Alpha and Omega.


Sarah said...

The tears come easily today! So thankful that Rama is with our Father rejoicing her own homecoming as well as Jack's good news. There aren't enough words to thank our Father. . .

karene said...

I am so thankful for Jack's great news and will share it with others who love you guys!

What a tribute you have given your Grandmother! It is wonderful to think about what a fantastic homecoming she is having!!

jessica said...

We will keep praying for Jack and your family. I am sorry for your loss... and at the same time rejoice for a soul who has gone home. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

Jana Hanner said...

Great news!! We will be praying prayers of thanksgiving with all of you. Tammy, your grandmother made an impact on me...what an awesome legacy she leaves. Give yourselves a hug from the Hanner clan!

Robyn said...

Thank you God for Jack's good news and thank you God for Rama's life and the legacy she leaves behind!

Scott F said...

Wow! 2 great rewards in the same day -- your grandmother getting her reward in Heaven and Jack getting his reward of being cancer free! What a huge mix of emotions for your family -- joy, sorrow, hope, thankfulness, relief.

As always, prayers continue for all of you.

Amber Joy said...

I just heard the news from Mom today of Jack and your Grandmother. I rejoiced, then cried. Truly, the Lord gives and takes away.
Know that your family is in my prayers - all the way from Israel! Love you.

dixie mcleod said...

There are no adequate words so we make due with what we have...we REJOICE and CELEBRATE Nana through our tears...we count among our blessings the enrichment of our lives by her life and her presence. We continue to be blessed for because of her through her son we have our David, beloved husband to our daughter Karise and loving father to Keely and Kinlie. The legacy lives on through so many and will continue for generations yet to come. We praise God for Nana and thank HIM; we know more about God because her life touched and continues to be entwined with ours through her family. May the life she lived and the SURE fact she LIVES give you and yours strength in the days ahead and a smile through your tears.

May the gift of the mutual love between your grandmother and you continue to give to your heart as long as you live. May you pass it onward.

We love y'all SO much.

Tom and Dixie McLeod, Beaumont, TX

Praise God for Jack's report! Way to go Jack!!! YEAH!!

James Y said...

Great news! All of you are in our prayers for continued blessings!

James & Kami Yasko