A Love Letter Lived Out

Jack had a blood draw yesterday and his counts are still low at 780 ANC. I am sure that next week this time they will have recovered to a healthy amount. We were lucky that during his homebound time last week that we had family in town and we all just hung out together at grandma's house. It made the week go by pretty quick, and it was barely noticeable that Jack was on quarantine as I call it.
This weekend VBS starts at church. We are going to send Jack and have him wear his mask to keep the germs away from his nose and mouth. His counts are definately on the rise and it should be safe for him to participate.
Jack and I will be heading out for Dallas Children's on Monday morning. He has his MRI scheduled at 3pm then Tuesday morning he has his oncology visit with Dr. Bowers. Rob thought he was going to be able to go and we would make it a family affair with all the kids, but someone else scheduled their vacation for next week at his work, so he can't go after all :(
Jack is already making plans for the trip, Grapevine Mills Mall, possibly a movie.... I am thinking a nice quiet night at the Ronald McDonald House sounds pretty good to me, and cheap too!
My Nana has been back in the hospital for 2 weeks today. One of the reasons I have been laxed in updating the blog is that all the grandchildren are working on a home extreme makeover for her and my grandpa to come home to. My grandpa stays at the hospital with her and she doesn't let him leave her side, so we knew we would be safe to attempt this makeover without any chance of them knowing what was going on. This is a big secret, mums the word. As they don't have a computer, I am quite safe posting about our little surprise. So if you happen to live in Abilene and know my grandparents or send them a card, don't tell them, o.k.
There has been elbow grease involved, and in the beginning I even called in some very wonderful recruits to get their house packed up in a 36 hour period, before the new carpet was laid (thanks again!), but all of the hard work has been worth it.
I have found treasures. I found my dad's early elementary scrapbook, with simple drawings and wonderful writings by him. Both my mom and dad have gone on to be with the Lord, and so treasures like this seem extra special. My grandfather is notorious for not throwing anything away, it was a depression era thing I hear, but all his stuff that when we were packing up I wondered why he kept over the years, has made quite the museum wall as it is put on display. Maybe the grandest treasure of all were the letters my grandfather wrote to my grandmother in 1940 before they were married, but very in love. The most beautiful and pure words were written to let my Nana know just how special she was to him.
As I was reading the words that were written the pictures in my mind were of him tending to her needs in the hospital. All the words written 66 years ago still hold true today, she is his heartbeat, whenever she is in pain, his heart hurts, whenever she is uncomfortable, he is uncomfortable. Whatever she needs he searches to fulfill her. Their bodies are growing old, they are both 86 years old, but their hearts have never beat stronger for each other. It touched my heart beyond words and still brings tears to my eyes to read a love note that could be read 66 years later and every word was still true today. What a blessing to be a part of their family.
When my Gran looks at my Nana it is like he is writing another love note to her with every glance.
Just so this doesn't get too sappy, they also have a side of them that keeps humor and teasing alive. My Nana's first name is Rama, and when my Gran is worn out, and he has been tending, tending, and tending, she will call out his name and you will hear, from him, "yes, trauma", she pretends she doesn't hear the twist on her name, I have never seen her acknowledge it, she just continues on. They are a wonderful example of two lives becoming one.
My Nana is not feeling well, and her kidneys are kaput, she is a diabetic, has parkinsons, and a pacemaker. She is definately struggling. Please keep her peace and comfort in your prayers.
I will post Tuesday when we get home from Dallas to let you know how the MRI turns out.
Blessings, Tammy


Pat White said…
Love . . .
Care . . .
Blessings . . .
and Prayers.

Pat White
SuperMom said…
Wow. A makeover for their home. That is so cool. Post pictures!!

I hope my children and my grandchildren will see that kind of love in my marriage. What a treasure.
Anonymous said…
Thoughts and prayers are with you...as always! I'm sorry Rob can't make the trip with you. Sounds like Jack has some special things lined up for you to do though! There are lots of stars in your crown for all you do for your family! You have such a special dedication to your family...and are doing something extra special for your grandparents. What a blessing you are! You are just so amazing...God is using you in so many wonderful ways! Praying for a great report for Jack. Have a safe trip.
Love you!
Steph said…
Prayers for your Nanna and prayers for your and Jack's trip on Monday!
Anonymous said…
I will be praying for you and Jack as your travel to Dallas.
I will also be praying for your Nana and Gran.
May God give you peace!
Love you,
Anonymous said…
Your story about Rama-Trauma captures so well the relationship of a couple who have lived and loved together for so many years. Thanks for sharing that story.
Our prayers are with you and Jack on your trip to Dallas. Be safe,
Anonymous said…
Oh, that we should all be so blessed to live long productive lives with the spouse we love.
Our prayers will be with you as we envision Jack's head free from any signs of the tumor.
Karen Frazier
Anonymous said…
Praying hard for Jack's MRI and for your sweet Gran. Sounds like your grandparents have had a wonderful life together! What an incredible example they are to us all. Blessings, Jacki

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