November 06, 2006

The Hair Salon Experience

Jack and Sophie's Hair salon was a big success. Yesterday afternoon I sat down for my high falutin' hair treatment from the world renound hair stylists Jack and Sophie. Jack's job was to take the water sprayer and spray all around my hair. He noticed that the water was dripping down on my shirt and he laid towels all over me to keep me from getting wet. While he was fixing my hair he told me he thought about quitting this job earlier in the afternoon but he was glad that he had stuck with it. (I was just the inspiration he needed I guess) So he wet my hair down and then Sophie very gently might I add combed out my hair with a big brush. All the while Jack was examining every side of my hair to make sure every strand of hair was in its place. He would say to Sophie while on tip toes and looking around the side of my head, "did you get that part?", to which Sophie would say, "yea, got it." and he would nod his head and put his hand under his chin and examine some more. Once the combing was done then Jack used my hair dryer on the cool setting and dried my hair, all the while holding his hand on my hair so it wouldn't get messed up while he was drying it. He thinks of everything. Then they were so pleased with what they were seeing that they were deciding what to do with all the serious cash they were going to make, Jack said he couldn't wait to be rich. Sophie said she was going to give all her money to the poor (a girl after my own heart), to which Jack replied that he would give a little money to the poor but he would still have enough to buy alot of toys. They have decided to pursue this career until they are about 13 years old, so if you need a style any time in the next 6 years give your business to Jack and Sophie's Hair Salon. I told them that I actually didn't have any money to pay and they said that was o.k. and even though their sign says $2 for a haircut, they take pennies too. So their prices are very flexible.


judy said...

Man, when word gets out about the salon and prices, Rosie will go broke and loose all her clients. I just got my ss statement and will be gettin a whoping $234 a month when I reach 65. I hope the shoppe is still in business. I don't want to have to do my own hair.