November 05, 2006

Jack and Sophie's Hair Salon

Sunday afternoon. I just fixed tortilla soup for lunch and it was delicious. It is soup weather today in Abilene, cloudy and a bit drizzly. Ah, the look of fall. We have had a good couple of days since our trip to Dallas. Jack is doing great. I continue to be encouraged at the outlook, God is giving me an overwhelming peace and I know that He will be with us though the thick and thin.
Derek's football team the Raiders won their first play off game yesterday. So far this year the Raiders have scored 312 points to 7 points that have been scored against them. Go Raiders! During the game yesterday Derek made some great tackles and his name was announced twice over the loud speaker, very exciting for our family!
They play next Saturday and if they win they will play in the Superbowl on Sunday, November 19, 4pm at the Jim Ned High School football field.
Last night Jack and Sophie came up with the idea to have a hair salon in our house. Rob was the first customer. If you know Rob that might have just made you laugh, as he has no hair, he is bald. He got the scrub down treatment with a special cloth, then he had a massage with Mango Lotion, and then to top it off, they sprayed cologne on his head. He got the clean, buff, and shine deal. All for $2. I am next on the appointment schedule.
Jack came out to me before church this morning and said that he could do my hair for church. I wasn't sure what to say, being that it would be such an honor for my 7 year old son to fix my hair for church. As I was thinking of what to say, he said, "Mom, do you still color your hair?" to which I replied a big "yes," then he said, "well, can I use the spray bottle on your hair?" I think he thought that if he wet my hair the red would just run out or something. I said, "yes, you can use a spray bottle when you do my hair." and then he said, "o.k., I know what I am going to do, I am going to spray all aroud your hair with the water, and get it real wet and comb it all straight down, then I am going to swipe your bangs over to the side and tuck them behind your ears." Funny I thought to myself, that is what I do to Jack's hair everyday. So I told Jack that I wasn't sure that would work for my hair before church, maybe we should try it after church, and then he said that maybe he should stick to fixing boys hair, as he doesn't know what to do with girls hair. Sophie then said that she would be doing my hair. I am very excited to see what the finished product will look like. Just for the record, when your son has just had an MRI that showed growth in the tumor on his brainstem, a mother is willing to have her hair wet down and combed with a brush and have bangs swept to the side and tucked behind her ears and enjoy every moment of it.


Cathy Messecar said...

Tammy, I had to laugh at the Marcelain's Hair Salon. Our kids used to love to fix their dad's hair while he reclined on the sofa watching TV.

Shh. Don't tell anyone, but he even let our daughter paint his toenails a bright red one time. It lasted for a month--at least. He's a cowboy, who doesn't wear any kind of sandals, so his secret was safe.

I was out of town with no battery left in my notebook when Friday arrived. I wanted to know Jack's test outcome so badly. Now, I know.

Your thanksgiving is infectious. I'm praising God for two intervening months of prayer before January.

Love ya and yas...

LiteratureLover said...

How cute! It seems like they really put some thought into their haircare. They both sound adorable.

yvonne said...

This is so funny! Emily plays Hair salon all the time with my hair! I must say - she is VERY creative.