November 15, 2006

Hay-de, Hi-de, Hoe-de

Hay-de, Hi-de, Hoe-de - that is how I answer my phone when my friend Denise calls, it always makes her laugh. I am definately not above making my friends laugh at my cost.
I have had a busy with taking pictures, all images processed - check, all proof books ordered - check.
I heard that Christmas is 6 weeks away! I keep on asking my kids what they want for Christmas and they keep telling me obscure things I have never heard of. I have officially moved anything with more than a handful of parts or that requires hours of assembly time. We do the 3 present rule for Christmas. Jesus received 3 presents from the wise men for his birthday, we are celebrating Jesus' birthday, so we don't get more than He did, this really is a good tool to help me not go crazy for presents. It requires me to be thoughtful and consider the staying power of gifts. My kids end up getting gifts from other family members so they still make out like bandits, but they don't have so much that they don't appreciate what they get. This is something that has worked for us. And I say again, it really is the reigns that hold me in from shopping like crazy for them. I love Christmas so much and it just seems like shopping is so easy to do in the month of December, everything is on sale and the hype is over the top. So this 3 present rule helps me focus on other ways to make memories for my kids...
I am taking my kids pics for Christmas cards this weekend, now that I am a photoshop junkie that opens up a bit more creativity at my disposal, but I am not sure which direction to go yet...
I am thinking about my Nana as we are planning our Thanksgiving menu this year. She always had specific items that were a bit off the wall that she wanted - like sauerkraut, I guess I wont be making my sauerkraut this year. It won't be the same holiday for any of us, the first's are always the hardest, then each passing year it gets easier. My Nana's personality was so strong that her lack of presence will be evident. I am sure it will be hardest on my Gran.


Denise W. said...

Making sauerkraut??!! I always thought ypou simply opened a can.