November 19, 2006

Superbowl Champions

And the Raiders win the Superbowl! 22-0. This year the Raiders have scored 323 points to 7 points being scored on them. What a fun season for the kids! The game was great, and the kids did a great job. Derek had a great time. I posted a great play made by Derek, you see him, #81 see a guy who needs to be stopped, Derek runs across the field and gets to him and makes the tackle. It was a fun night.


Julie Adams said...

I hate to tell you, buuuuttt you have a lady killer football player on your hands. This boy is going to be in all the newspapers and just might be a huge big whig so get ready now. Annnnd who was the one worried he wouldn't enjoy football and would get hurt?!! Next up it's Jack and Sophie sooo get the autograph books ready.