November 11, 2006


...and the Raiders go to the Superbowl. Next Sunday 4pm at Jim Ned's High School stadium.
Let me just say that there is a BIG difference between a regular season game and the play off games! I was sitting in the stands before Derek's game played and the teams that were playing were the next age group down from Derek's team. Well let me tell you it was very animated. I was secretly thinking to myself, boy, I am glad our games don't get this ugly. I am all for the loud cheering and hollering, although I am not much of a holler-er, but on occasion I stand and holler with the best of the mom's. So I am sitting on my cold behind thinking, "I am glad our team is positive and doesn't trash talk."
In the first quarter of our game I realized that our team's cheering section was just as animated as the team before us. The ref's made a couple of questionable calls and I thought people were going to storm the field, or at the very least wait for the ref's down a dark alley later on. At one point I saw one of the opposing teams coaches throw his clip board in great discontent with a call. The team we played today gave us a good run for our money but in the end the Raiders won 13-0. The players did a good job of keeping it positive on the field, but I think the adults need to realize that Jesus is sitting right next to them in the bleachers as well as in the pew on Sunday mornings.
We will be excited to play the Superbowl game next week! I think I am bringing my earplugs.

By the way I am officially in the Christmas spirit, my toenails have a beautifully blingy Christmas tree and a star on them. Can anyone say...wassail, hot chocolate, Bing Crosby Christmas music, and the reason for the season, our sweet Jesus. This is my favorite time of year.