April 27, 2007

Just a Cold...

Is it Friday already? This week has flown by. I am tellin' ya - the closer it gets to the end of the school year the busier it gets. Jack was home sick today. I thought he had a bit of a cold or allergy thing so I wasn't too worried, but then in the matter of 30 minutes I had two people ask me if I had called the doctor about it. One person I let it go, second person - and I start to think I am under-reacting to his illness. So I called the doctor, she sent us in for a CBC, so we headed to the hospital to get blood drawn. Then to the doctor's office for the check up. While we were at the doctor's office Jack got hungry, which is good that his appetite had returned, but one thing I have neglected to share with you about Jack is that when he get's hungry he ceases to function in his normal happy go lucky manner, he needs food or else things can get pretty ugly. Like a waterfall of tears, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel hungry. So we checked with the nurse to see where we were in the line up, and she thought we would have enough time to make a run through the BK drive thru which is right next door. Mission accomplished, 8 minutes later we were sitting in the doctor's office, Jack was eating chicken strips and drinking a sprite. Life was good again.

Dr. G. checked him over and thinks he might have a bit of a cold. His white cell counts were low, which means he probably has a virus like cold. So...back home via Blockbuster and a rental of Happy Feet and we were snug as bugs in our cozy home once again. I will sleep well tonight knowing that he has a normal cold.

Happy Weekend!


Anne Jones said...

Nathaniel and Natalie have the same reaction when their hunger pains strike...food or else!

Hope your video time was great! We haven't seen Happy Feet, but have heard it is great.

Jack...feel better soon!