April 06, 2007

Where will you be in 3 months?

The kids and I made the Easter Rolls I posted below. They were yummy, a bit messy, as the marshmallows do have to go somewhere. They all had fun. We are kicking back today, playing some games and hanging out. Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers for Jack, he is feeling great. We go next Thursday for a quick check up with the neurosurgeon who was involved in the gamma knife procedure last week.
Jack asked when he would know if the gamma knife worked, I told him in three months when he has his next MRI. I thought about where we would be in 3 months and visions of the swim club, hanging out with friends, and eating popcorn on lawn chairs came to mind. Summertime.....

What will YOU be doing in 3 months?


Denise W said...

Sitting next to yall! I can't wait - maybe I should pay ours dues, huh?

Sarah said...

CAN. NOT. WAIT. Sweating profusely, full of Diet Coke, laughing at the horrible music selections of the lifeguards, solving all the problems of the world. Good times. Good times. ESPECIALLY since we just drove back from Dallas in white-out conditions and it is currently 29* in Abilene! Ready for the pool!