April 30, 2007


WATS Day 2007 is "a fait de complet." Officially any way. WATS Day is a day of community projects that several (this year 6) churches join together to complete. 15 wheelchair ramps were built, 100 tons of debris collected and placed into specially placed dumpsters, and best of all we met new friends and met some needs that blessed some very sweet people, all in the name of our sweet Jesus.

Our groups project was to scrape, paint, fix window screens, and haul away trash from a sweet older gentleman's home. He lives alone, and takes care of his grandchildren, and one of those granchildren's 6 month old baby. A very sweet family and the grandpa just can't physically take care of the big needs of his home. We started at church for a condensed version of worship, quickly lunched together at a park, then headed over to the work site. When we arrived another group was already working at the house right next door to us. The neighborhood was hopping.

Our group had about 20 people including kids in it. We scraped, the kids scraped, hauled trash, raked, trimmed bushes and trees. The rains came for a short while and drenched the group, but it didn't slow anything down, except the painting. We didn't paint the house, but for the most part it is ready to be painted when we converge back next week to finish our task. Our kids work just as hard as we do, it is a great blessing to serve together.

Thank you God for bringine my family closer in service to You.