May 21, 2007

15 Bibles

Today is the first day of the last week of school. Today Jack and Sophie play in a kickball tournament for the 2nd graders and tomorrow is the volleyball tournament. I asked them both if they had ever served the ball over the net and both answered yes. They seem too small to be able to serve a volleyball, who knew? I am off to the school in a few minutes to cheer them on. Tomorrow Derek has his awards assembly first thing in the morning - 8:30am.
This will be an exciting week for all of us as we anticipate Thursday.

I have heard this quote twice from different teachers - "If you get the book of Romans, God will get you." Both men were quoting a former Theology teacher at ACU. I have loved studying Roman's it never gets boring and it is constantly keeping me on my toes and showing me where my walk with the Lord needs to improve. But the heart of Roman's is Grace. What a great book. If you haven't read it lately read it today, and tomorrow, and the next day.

A very sweet friend of mine had emailed several of her friends telling us that God had convicted her that her devotionals read from a computer screen or from a book were just not cutting it for her. He wanted her IN His word, not just reading ABOUT His word. Many years ago when I started reading the Bible I felt so overwhelmed that it was hard for me to just sit and read it, so to help me understand what I was reading many times I would read Christian Living books. There came a point that God put on my heart that it was time to put those down and focus on His inspired word to me straight from the Bible. There is a heart rejuvination that comes from reading the text that is transforming unlike any other book we might read. I love Christian Living books, I find points of view that hadn't occured to me, it is exciting to read others thoughts about their Christian walk, but none of that can compete with the REAL THING. Right now I am not in a group Bible study, so it is truly up to me to open my Bible everyday. I might say that there is no accountability because I am not in a group, but I am accountable to God. A week has gone by since I have opened my Bible and everything about me shows it, my tongue, my patience, my responses. Once your soul is nourished with the words of God, it finds it hard to function without it. Those that are not in the Word every day might not notice a difference because their hearts are not as soft, at least that is how it was for me before I studied my Bible alot, if ever.

We feed our bodies nourishment, does our soul not need the Bread of Life even more?

Thank you God for the 15 bibles in my home, in some countries families share a bible, or even whole towns share a bible, they walk miles to hear your Word, I only need to walk to my nightstand, may I grab hold of your Word and may it fill my heart, thank you for the desperate feeling I have when I am not in scripture, it reminds me to jump back in, for I can not survive one more day without it.


Sarah said...

The rare occasions that I choose to fast show me how quickly a body weakens without food -- if His Word is our "bread of life", how quickly do we get weak without it! Thank you for the openness and encouragement about staying in His word.

Oh -- and go volleyballers!

Anne Jones said...

Thanks for sharing this Tammy...just what I needed to hear today!

Oh, and Sophie looked adorable at church yesterday! Such a cutie pie!