May 31, 2007

Hello Summer

AHHHH. For whatever reason today feels like the first real day of summer. The sun is shining, the pool was sparkling, and my kids were laughing. It is a glorious day.
Dr. B. called this morning and said that he and Jack's neurosurgeon, Dr. W., both looked at Jack's MRI Scan and with their best guess, both think that the nausea is due to the increased size in the tumor, as a result of the swellling due to the radiation. They will keep Jack's previous MRI on the books for July 12th, and then again in September or October. By then they might have a better idea as to the success of the gamma knife procedure.
So there is no definitive diagnosis at this time, just keep a watchful eye, and follow Jack's progress carefully. I didn't expect anything more than what they said, but I am glad to have not heard that the tumor had grown ginormous in size. Isn't that worth a halleluiah?

Jack's nausea has subsided for the most part, I don't think it will be a regular problem, maybe more of a here and there thing. He can take Zofran to help with the nausea if needed.

All my praise goes up, to the Lord in heaven. It is His strength and His might that lifts me and keeps me strong when my mind and body are weary. When I need rest, Jesus is the restorer of my mind, body and soul. All praise to the King.


Anonymous said...

You are such an awesome person!! We are grateful that the tumor has not grown "gigan..." or however you spelled that word. And we WILL continue to pray for the whole Marcelain family.

Love The Hanner bunch

Amber Joy said...

I'm glad to hear of Jack's "good" news. "Good" is such a relative term. It's good that Jack's tumor isn't gynormous. But how many people can relate to the fact that their child's brain cancer hasn't grown? You're a rock, Tammy Marcelain. Rock solid.

Scott F said...

So glad the tumor didn't grow! Now let's get him to feeling better so he can enjoy his summer!

Linda said...

Your faith is such an encouragement to all who are around you....either in person or blogland! Blessings, Linda L.

Lisa said...

Sorry we missed each other at the pool. Got to see the Stirmans and Waldrops though. Hope to see you soon. Anne will be so glad to swim with Sophie.
Happy to hear that Jack is doing a little better.