May 30, 2007

Back in Abilene

We are back from Dallas. We had a great time considering we were there for less than 24 hours. No news yet to the MRI results. The MRI took a bit longer than expected, so the results weren't ready when we met with Jack's oncologist, and we decided we didn't want to wait around the hospital any longer, so we headed home. Dr. B. was to call us when he got the results, but in the crazy busy world he lives in - out of sight out of mind, was probably the montra for the rest of his afternoon. I imagine we will hear from him in the morning.

Jack did a great job in the MRI. He is a pro at the whole deal. They have changed some of the procedures since the last time we were there, and Jack kept asking, "Why are they doing it this way?" I told him things change up and we just have to learn the new way. One thing they changed was the giving of the contrast. Contrast is something that they inject into Jack after half of the MRI is completed, it gives some "contrast" to the images, hence the name, and helps them see more information. Normally they inject it in his arm half way through, which they still did, but they have started putting an iv in everyone's arm to inject it through rather than directly into the vein. Not a big deal, but just different and it takes a bit longer to get everything set up before the MRI can start.

Jack was put in the Big Daddy MRI today. the 3.0. That doesn't mean alot to me, but the tech said it is twice as strong as the other MRI machines, is more specific, and a much stronger magnet.

The Ronald McDonald House was booked up for this visit, so I used to find a hotel in the area for a good price. I love priceline. We have never stayed at a 4 star hotel before, but I thought just for fun I would select 4 star and bid $65, and priceline took the bid and we stayed at the Hyatt Regency Downtown Dallas, the one with the big glass ball attached to it. We stayed on the 23rd floor, directly above the train station loading and unloading. We had the best view of downtown Dallas, and we got to see some really cool passenger trains. The kids had a blast, they swam and Derek worked out with Rob in the weight room. We had a beautiful room, and wonderful service. We ordered room service for dinner (Rob and I are horrible with directions and we so didn't want to get lost in downtown Dallas to find a restaurant) which was a real treat. The kids loved it. Rob pointed out that it cost more to eat dinner than it did to pay for our room. Thanks honey. It was a treat anyway, and the kids enjoyed it, and it was definately stress free.

So that was our quick trip. The weather was pretty bad this morning in Dallas so we headed home rather than stopping at the zoo, as planned, we didn't want to get caught in the storm again. So here we are, back in Abilene. I will post when I hear from the doc.