May 15, 2007

Liver and Onions

Tuesday morning. We have had a great week. The kids are counting down until the end of school. Derek told us last night at the dinner table that he would be in charge of our dinner on the last day of school to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation. Jack and Sophie had their school awards assembly yesterday morning. It is always such fun to see those cute 2nd graders accepting their certificate and shaking the principal's hand in front of a large crowd. Some march right up, walking tall, with big smiles and the other extreme of strolling along like a summer walk, kicking the ground as they go.

Jack seems to be feeling good. Since the radiation his appetite hasn't seemed the same, he has always been a picky eater. And I have always struggled with the "short order cook" meal preparer to give him food that he will eat, verses making one meal and everyone eating the same thing. I rarely have a "when I was a kid" speech for my kids. But this one area I always want to say "When I was a kid we ate what our mom cooked whether we liked it or not." We would have never been allowed to have a different meal. But I can remember sitting at the dinner table trying to gag down liver. My mom was a health food fan and the fact that liver had something like 2 million nutrients and vitamans enticed my mother to cook it every couple of months. That was not my favorite night, I would always invite my friend Suzanne over and I would sneak her my liver, she actually liked it. If she couldn't come over it was not a pretty scene at the dinner table. Other than the liver we ate what my mom cooked without much ado.

Blessings heaped on each of you.


Amber Joy said...

Something about the liver being the filtering system for the entire body totally zeroes out any positive health benefits. Ick!