May 24, 2007

Summer and a prayer request + another prayer request!

Today is the last day of school. I took the kids for doughnuts this morning to celebrate. They are so excited for summer. I too am excited for summer.

I wanted to post a picture, like my computer techy friends do, of my favorite purchase for summer. But I couldn't find a picture to post, so you will just have to let me describe it to you. I went to Sam's yesterday looking for swim goggles for the kids, didn't find that, but on the same row as the swimming stuff there was this way, super cool, rolling cooler, but wait there is more, there is a large bag attached to the top, it has netting around the sides and a big drawstring that attaches to the handle of the cooler to keep it upright. The cooler is softsided so it folds down to nothing, but when opened up is a middle sized cooler, not too little, not too big, after trying it on and pulling it around Sams for a while I was 100% sold. The best $24.88 I will spend all year.

Only my friends that go to swim club with us will probably be as giddy as me about this purchase. We all tote in our huge bags (I use a laundry basket) full of towels, toys, snack's, and a cooler to keep the drinks and lunch sandwiches cold. After carrying in all the stuff to find the perfect place to sit (under the shade tree with enough loungers around for friends to join in) I feel like I am ready for a nap. Not any more! I am officially ready for the pool. woohooo.

On a less excitable note, Jack has been waking up nauseous every morning for a week. I have given it time to pass, and it is not passing. Within about 2 hours after waking up he feels great, but that first 2 hours is not fun. These are the exact symptoms Jack had for a year before his tumor diagnosis, 2 years and 1 month ago. I emailed the oncologist in Dallas and will hope to hear back from him soon. I am definately concerned. Please keep this in your prayers.


Addition to earlier post:
Jack's radiation doc called to get some facts about what is happening with Jack's nausea. He has ordered an MRI and we should probably hear back about the scheduling within the next couple of days. He said that the MRI will be to see what is going on with Jack's tumor. If there hasn't been a change in the tumor, then he is suspicious that this could be an irritation to the part of the brain that causes nausea. They told us before Jack had the gamma knife that this could be a side effect. In all cases the doctor has dealt with the nausea has eventually gone away but it could take up to a year to do it, and they would treat Jack with the anti-medics like the Zofran he was on with chemo. Will keep you posted when we get the date for the MRI.
It has been a tough morning in more than one respect, you know about cars and appliances and roof's, they break in unison. We have been driving a loaner car from our wonderful friends at Hanner Chevrolet all week while they find us a good used car or van to buy as our van bit the dust this past weekend. Then my roof started leaking about an hour and a half ago, and my washing machine just broke. Pray for me to get through today.


Amber Joy said...

I'm sorry to hear Jack is feeling poorly... Will continue to raise him and your family up in prayer.
Congrats on the new cooler. It sounds spiffy. Wish I could be there. That school nurse schedule sure sounds nice right about now.