Jack in a Spidey Suit

The day is here. May 4th, 2007. The day Spiderman returns. Jack has been counting down to this day since last fall.

A couple of weeks ago I posted about Jack and I at the roller skating rink and the tears on the side of the rink. Well, all year long Jack has been reading like a maniac to rake in those AR points. The time came to spend the points on different activities that the kids can choose from. One of the activities that Jack has had his eye on all year long is going to the skating rink. I think it was 70 points. Jack had plenty as he had saved his points all year long and not spent one, with his eye on the rink. So the day came to spend those points about a week ago. Jack told me he wanted to go to the roller skating rink with his points. Insert silent sigh here.

I reminded him that he was not allowed to skate due to his tumor and balance issues. Then reminded him gently of how the skating party went just 2 short weeks ago. And his response was that he thought he should give it another try. After taking his sweet little heart in my hands and breaking it in two, by telling him I just would not let him choose skating and that was my final answer, he cried for a good hour. Jack is not manipulative...just an optomist. All year long he thought it would work out to go to the rink, he was hugely disappointed with my ruling.

I told Jack that maybe our family could do something special as a bonus for AR. He could spend his points on the many other fun activiites and our family could do something fun to boot. Camping, Six Flags, Ft.Worth Zoo,... were all things I suggested. These are huge things by the way, they would take preparation and a ton of effort on my part. He came up with..." I would love to go see Spiderman on the day it is released, May 4th." Great, Sold, Sounds Good...I told him, we had moved past the skating rink and there were smiles again. We are picking the 3 kids up about 45 minutes early from school today (forgive me all you teachers out there), Jack will change in the van, as he will be sporting a full Spiderman suit, which he looks so cute in, and we will go see the movie. The AR activities all happen during school time, and the kids get to miss class to participate, which is why we are picking them up a bit early.

I will be sure and take a picture of our Spidey group at the theatre and post it next week.


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