August 30, 2007

Good Week!

Thursday night. I can't believe the first week of school is just about over. And we have a 3 day weekend to boot. School has gone amazingly well. The kids teachers are fantastic and they are very excited that they have learned information that Rob or I didn't know, specifically about the largest eagles' nest ever found, 12 foot diameter, in the early 1960's. All is well at the Marcelain house.
Today a local Child Life Specialist came to the kids school and spoke to Jack's class and the other classes in his trio. It went very well and I know that it put Jack at ease, along with all the kids that were wondering just what happened to Jack over the summer. I am so grateful for this blessing.
I am loving the peace and quiet during the day. It is amazing how much more I can get done around my house when I am by myself. Currently I am reading several books and working on a bible study by myself. I think we all have seasons (hopefully it is not just me) where we just float along and status quo is the name of the game, then we move into a season where we just can't get enough of the Lord, I am grateful that I have made it through status quo and am thirsting for God's word every waking moment. Glory to God. This is just a quick post to check in, it is time to turn off the computer for the night and vegge.


Melene said...

I wanted to share something with you. My 3rd grader and I went out to dinner tonight-just the two of us. While we were there and we were talking about school she said, " I hope we do Hats for Jack again. Really, I wish we didn't have to because that would mean he wouldn't be sick. It would be better if we didn't have to do Hats for Jack at all."